My Parallel Universe Experiance

I am so glad i found a place like this. i was looking forever for a place i could tell someone about what i experianced. I believe i have become a true believer in Parallel Universes. I had an experiance last night, it happenened in a series of dreams that were more vivid and understandable overall than anything i have ever felt.

Starting with the most convicting detail, there was a knowledge i had in the dream. I believe it was a knowledge from the parallel me in this universe. I understood everything that was going on through the knowledge the alternate me had. it was like i was seeing it though his head. I truely believed in the dream that i was him. An additional knowledge i had from the parallel me was that a part of teh dream occured a few month's ago in april. the weather was nice and peacefull. each part of the dream took place at a different time. some of it happen's in the future. TYHey were speaking a different language that i could understand with the knowledge I was understanding everything with from teh parallel me. it was a harsher tongue, but no one dressed much differently than here. i recognized several people in the dream that i do not know. the reason that i had this series of dreams into this parallel world i believe is because what was going on. There was a similarity in the dream to real life. A woman i dated in this world also had a parallel self in the other one. The parallel me believed shortly after she left him that he/I was teh one who had gotten ehr pregnant. There are three part's to the dream, one where I learn we(him with me experiancing it through him) discover she is pregnant. the second is later this year where we meet the child and... he looks like me, my dad, and my little brother did on this universe when we were babies. his jawline was jsut like my little brothers. I then see into  what might be the future, he is grown and he looks verymuch like me. I meet with him but since i no longer have my parallel self's experiance and knowledge to help me figure out what is going on, i am not able to understand what happens next. There is something to do with the Roman Empire. 

This is what i dreamt last night. does anyone have any clue what is going on? Is there anything i can do to help the other me? does this effect my life at all? Anything would be nice.

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My husband had an extremely vivid dream about being madly in love with the daughter of a guy he used to work with several years ago. They were going to be married, and due to about a 15-20 year age difference, her dad was really pissed. He was rather shaken when he told me about it, and said it was the most "real" dream he had ever had. This dream occurred about three months ago, and we live several humdred miles away from this young woman at this point in our lives. About a week ago, he asked me to fill out an internet form for him on his phone for some automotive parts he wanted to order. When I tapped the field to enter his name, it tried to autofill this woman's name who lives hindreds of miles away which we have not seen in nearly a decade!The cellular phone itself is only a couple of months old, it is not a refurbished phone, and he had not filled out any online forms on it, because he hates to do that stuff, which is why he asked me to enter his information for him. It is pretty wild. If it hadn't been for the weird dream, it would only have been a little odd, and we likely would have just let it go. It does , seem weirdly coincidental, though, when both things are considered together. Keep in mind, this is a woman he really didn't know very well at all, even when he worked with her dadl

I saw your post and it's just uncanny how I had a very similar experience just last night.

Before I unload my story here, let me first say a few things. I am an open minded individual. I believe in God and that all things are possible whether science can prove its existence or not. To may unexplained things happen for me to say otherwise. I consider myself to be level headed and intelligent. But I am very curious about things I do not understand.

Now that I have that out of the way, here is what happened.

I got home about 6 pm and decided to cook dinner for my family. While I was in the kitchen making something to eat, I got very light headed and dizzy. Once dinner was done and everyone was eating. I sat down to eat my dinner. The dizziness was getting worse. I ate, but I never finished my meal.

After dinner, I went to my arm chair and laid back. My head was just swirling. I thought to myself, "If this keeps up, I'm going to get sick to my stomach." well, not long after, dinner was not with me anymore, if you catch my meaning.

Now I contribute this to eating pork that may have been to old earlier in the day. but that said, what happened after I went to bed, I simply cant explain.

I went to bed about 9:30 pm.

Let me say this; I have had dreams my whole life. There have been two constants that i can point out. The type you can control and the type where your along for the ride. Also, they are always foggy and no matter what, only seem to last a short while, just long enough to wake you up and question what you ate that day, but what I experienced last night, was far "far" more than any "dream" I have ever had in my life.

I actually choose to refer to the experience as a hallucination. Whether this was brought on bad bad pork or something more magnificent in the universe, I'll leave that to your interpretation.

What I experienced felt very real. Tangible. No different than a day in a conscious, breathing, normal day. It was no different than being awake.

In this "hallucination", I ran into a very similar but slightly different version of my ex-fiancee. I remember speaking with her at length, talking about how we fell apart and questioning why we should not give it another try.

After a long discussion, we decided to take it slow and start over, letting the past be the past. We had a few dates, normal, nothing crazy, but she was sweet and loving and with each passing day, we grew even closure than we had been in the past.

The one thing I remember is that I bought into this being 100% real. That said, I could never shake the feeling that something was off or missing. Things were going well for us and I was even beginning to think about asking her to marry me when things started to unravel. We were out one day, she lost her footing and fell, hitting her head. I rushed her to the hospital and waited in the waiting room while she was being examined.

One thing I should point out here is that the hospital and care was much different than here. More advanced I want to say, but I can't really explain why, it just seemed to operate more smoothly. patience were in open rooms. Lots of machinery. It's hard to describe.

Anyway, while I was waiting, my head got dizzy. I became disoriented and things grew fuzzy. I glimpsed this reality. My wife, my kids and instantly all my memories of this world and the one I was in began to merge.

My ex-fiancee came into the waiting area. She was fine and was ready to leave. We were walking back to my apartment when the feeling returned and things kept flashing of this world and that one.

My fiancee asked me if I was feeling OK, I told her something was wrong and that the feeling that I didn't belong there was overwhelming.

She grew concerned and asked me to sit down. I began to fill her in on "the real world" to which I believed I belonged. I told her about my wife and my kids and I didn't think I could stay.

She getting upset and began telling me something was very wrong and we needed to go back to the hospital. I reluctantly agreed and we began to walk back to the hospital.

The flashes of this world became more vivid, more constant and I felt that I was being pulled.

before we could reach the hospital again, it became very apparent to me that I did not belong there and like it or not, I was not going to be able to remain.

I turned to my ex and told her I was going. I cant really explain but its almost like she could see me vanishing. Although I was standing next to her and not moving, I could sense I was being pulled backwards, away from her.

She gripped my hand and begged me to stay. She insisted I belonged there. I belonged with her and this other reality was not real. She grew more frantic as that world seemed to fade and this one became more solid.

The last thing I remember is her gripping my hand trying to pull me back. Screaming that she loved me and begging me not to go.

I woke up in my bed, my head still spinning. I lay there awake for about an hour. The clock read a little after 5 am.

i tried convincing myself this was nothing more than a weird dream brought on by a bad meal. But I honestly cant explain why a dream felt as real to me as life itself. I can remember, all the sensations of this experience. As if I was really there, living and breathing in that world.

I wish I could have shown someone how "real" this was for me. It was really uncanny.

So I began thinking it over and theorizing that perhaps this was not a dream at all. Perhaps this was something more. Or perhaps I am just crazy, I had a really weird reaction to bad meat and this was the result. I don't know.

Unfortunately, I can reproduce it. I have no way of bringing back proof it were an alternate reality. I can't film it or bring something back or take something there. I feel like I have no way to test the theory or prove to myself it was nothing more than a hallucination.

I'm simply left with nothing more than my memories of the event, which are not really fading like a dream normally does and I cant shake the feeling that my ex is crying her eyes out because I left her.

There's so many gaps and holes and questions I have about the whole experience and I really want answers. I am not expecting anyone to provide them to me. I just really wanted to share and get this off my chest.

Thank you for reading.

To all of you who have awaken and are looking for answers. In all honesty i know this to be true because its logic. Is as we knew it all the time. Its not a coincidence that you are reading this or coming up with these thoughts. You are one of the few that get the priviledge to learn how to use this knowledge.
When you dream you get connected to a parallel version of urselfe. Lets called that subject "B".
Subject B has become aware of this portal and endless posibilities of conecting with alternate versions of him self. Once subject B connects with any other versions of him self, he opens up the channel that allowed you to experiment the world trough his senses for a short period of time. This is all ment to enrich ur knowledge of possible outcomes of ur decisions in life.
Once you become part of the network and gain full awereness of its existance, there wont be any limits to the things you can do. Just to give you an example, tonight I will be connecting with my alternate version that is an airline pilot. The outcome will be me gaining knowledge of his level of happiness, how he got there, how would my life be if i choose that path.
The first times you connect you are going to be in partial control of your actions, as you progress you will learn how to be either more in control or less. Word of caution, whatever decision you take while connected will be afecting the life of your parallel self, be mindfull you don't want to make anything crazy that would hurt subject B. You are in command for a brief period of time and your goal should be to help and learn. Something else you should know is that this connection or portal is 2 ways. At some point subject B,C,D, etc. will enter ur universe and might experience ur life and memories, don't be afraid its only another version of YOU.
Hope you can expand your soul to its full potential and are able to experience the vast universes Out there.

Please,take a time to read some pages of "Parallel Universes of the Self" a book written by Frederick Dodson,it could help some of us getting ideas about what is happening to us while in those dreams,while in this universe.

I am glad there are people that seem to be wondering are we even from an area. I myself have wondered about something. Originally I was born with seizures and grew up with them. However I can tell you that growing up I have always felt like I had a lapse in time, or more importantly a serious de ja vu moment where well the day didn't exactly feel I was meant to be there. In my life it always felt that certain people I have sworn I came to know were never there. Or the fact that exactly for a moment my identity was not me. It was more I could remember a moment well the time was more forward or further back. At some points yes events that happened in this life well I could have sworn I have experienced before. Dates of historical events at times for me felt like well they felt chronologically out of place. You could kind of say in a way yes I am here. But this is not the universe, or even the world I was originally born into.

I know this all sounds weird but what I am trying to say as a whole is I am who I am. I know me as the person, as the whole being that I am my own person. But the space and time that I am occupied in always at times feels to phase and shift. Either at times somewhat from a blackout or just at a split second while living my life. I even could have sworn by my honor and life as well time just froze, and literally I felt shot out of my body, and this great force of energy was like some great wind blowing against me. Like taking a rowboat and suddenly your going upstream. Then I black out and wake up. There have been times I did in fact have experiences or what were dreams but they were more vivid like actual memories. So for someone to say they experienced something? Yeah I look at it with a grain of salt. But I wouldn't even be shocked at all if I ran into someone that knew me by name exactly and I never even met them. To me Parallel Universes was never something I felt I experience as something metaphysical or spiritual. For me it hits as something of an actual manifestation of a kinetic anomaly that carries a profound impact on the physical body as well as the mind. The only difference is it seems to not occupy this moment of time and space because in this point of universe it's both hard to explain, and prove to others because something in your moment your space is lapsed by the space and time outside the existing one. I know at times I swear I have experienced phase shifting moments. Never actually meeting a spirit or anything for me. But I do feel if there was one person that actually knew me personally without ever meeting them. Then I know what I been through was in fact real.

I've been having a really hard time since my horrific suicide attempt that made me wonder if I actually died physically, and now I am in a parallel universe, where it's a slightly different me, the person I don't know much about. After my suicide attempt, people, who witnessed the suicide scene, thought that I was not going to survive, because survival in cases like these is highly unlikely. After I was released from the hospital, I started noticing differences between where I was before and after the attempt. Now I don't know what to think. How can I obtain evidence to confirm that this either happened or not.

I have a dream where i crossed the light and into a world where my parents have died

I feel there is a possibility that those who die in their sleep excluding the elderly, severely ill and babies who die of SIDS actually may have had an OBE and where stuck in a parallel world. Those that are healthy, strong with no medical reason to pass on.

I've had several dreams and that's all they were just dreams except for one. This experience was nothing like a dream I walked through a door into a dirty polluted world just think of an extremely dirty and broken New York. I could feel the grime on my skin as I began to walk around, the smell was like a sewer that had been clogged for years. As I walked a young man approached me and said I had to leave NOW or I would be stuck he led me to another door and then I remember flying back to my body and re-entering it. I believe my energy left this world and somehow ended up someplace I didn't belong. One thing I clearly remember when I first left my body is my face hitting the ceiling I felt it the texture and coldness of that ceiling. So this may qualify as OBE or a trip to another world

I have an experiment about how often I make a hard decision (that i thought it make our world n our parallel world closer) and every day i increase the number of decision i make. the more wild memory that comes to mind and a lots of it that comes true. i have a hypothesis that parallel me had through it (because of relativity) and i can feel that. is that true? what do u think?

yes, exactly why humans and even higher animals like dogs, cats, and whales dreams. So the only explanation for dreams is that they are thought connections with other worlds-parallel earths, or yourselves in very distant universes. While some dreams are so vivid and some are not can only mean that thought connections are disrupted by great great distances between worlds or they are being garbled by higher frequencies meant to cut communications between parallel selves.

I had a dream the other night, but it was more than a dream. I felt like I woke up, got out of bed and everything was similar, but different. My room was arranged slightly different and my roommate was there, but her personality was off. In the dream, I asked my roommate some questions about her boyfriend and work so that I could verify I wasn't crazy for feeling things were off. She told me I was crazy and had no clue what I was talking about, which she would if I was at my real home in this universe. In this dream, a few of my friends were over, some of them I didn't know but recognized in this paralel universe/dream. I started to have a psychotic breakdown in this dream because I felt like I was trapped in the TV show Sliders (a show about traveling to paralel universes) and was worried I wouldn't be able to get back home - and then I woke up.

In my experience I found out that ,most of the dreams that in normal condition we see is just a dream or going to subconscouse and regular enterepertation ,but once a while something happens that disrupt our regular or normal conditions like extreme tiredness or sickness or different reason then we dream like we are in a place with complete detail colors ,building ,people ,languages ,every small little things ,that is impossible that your brain sit and make all these extreme details ,that is when you have broken the barrier and your brain wave or soul or whatever it is gone to parallel universe for a short times ,that could happen in case of going and seeing future with exact detail as happened to me ,but that is random one or twice in life time and so far we don't know how to control it.

In my parallel universe, I get up early every morning and make breakfast for my family. I am thin and beautiful....having continued to exercise, tan, and get my nails done. I keep the house clean and of clutter. My family is financially stable as I get my taxes done on time each year plus I have managed to refinance our home at the new low interest our mortgage is half of what it is now. My family is content because I am able to care for their needs and go places/do things with them because I am not depressed in this parallel universe. I make sure my family gets up and attends church each Sunday morning. I attend a pilates class with my best friend 3x a week.

The dreams of the past have certainly made me consider parallel universes... They were so REAL! But there were things in them and people that I could not possibly have known or had a connection with. One particular dream placed me in this city like environment where the people looked like people on earth only their technology was different for instance: There whole transportation system was ba<x>sed on what we would call roller coasters. The only way I can explain it was like subways above ground, a high stilt like rail system. The streets were paved with a brownish type substance. There were no cars as we know them. You could hear them rumbling above you as they passed. They spoke another language that I could understand while asleep, but totally forgot when I woke up. Something was different about the food too smell that were different... not bad just different.

There is no reason to believe in what science tells us. When i first started having these dreams I wanted to think that there was a reasonable explanation for it. I have seen parallel's in what i am certain to be at least four instances.<br />
<br />
Mainly it's the one i described here a few years ago. Honestly, i didn't think anybody would believe me at first. I work as a librarian in this backwater town in Minnesota that does not exist here.Although right now i am 19, i am 31 in this parallel universe. Somehow this one is the one I'm in sync with most often. I even see the mundane stuff, like waiting in traffic (which is interesting because i don't even know how to drive, I'm normally terrified behind the wheel) and taking a shower. I woke up on the bus last week after getting scalded in my doppelgangers shower... I don't even remember getting on the bus.<br />
<br />
Two of the other me are very similar. The only way to tell the difference between them is that I don't speak English in one. What was strange at first is that It feel's like I'm speaking English when i talk to people in my dream, I think it's because the sentence structure were using is the same. These two dreams have me living in Iowa- which unlike Minnesota i have never been in my life. It could take forever to describe the finite details both of them have, i see them equally as much... But these versions of me are something else. I can feel their intelligence every time i dream about them. It's so hard to describe but i would probably akin it to putting a tiny computer in my head. Normally when I'm in my first doppelgangers head, i can only get relevant information about him. What he see's does, experiences he is remembering ba<x>sed on what i am seeing. Interpretation that only makes the overall experience comprehensible. But these two guy's are constantly undergoing recall and it's hard to even realize what place in time I'm at with them. This is either because both of them are capable of perceiving time like this, or the connection i have with them is not relevant to just one stream of information. Maybe what i am observing between the two of them is multiple aspects of their lives.<br />
<br />
The last gentleman i see in my dreams is definitely aware of this connection. I'd put him around eighty. All he does is sit in his house and paint... I am not much of an artist, but i have been able to pick up a brush the morning after and do things i never thought i could. I can do that sometimes with my twin parallel's; it's like i can feel my brain expanding when I'm awake. But the painter stopped showing up about two weeks ago. I always get him Saturday nights, he does out drinking and normally crashes. But I haven't dreamed about him in awhile... I think he passed on. I know that he is aware of the connection i have with him because he paint's scenery i only see in my Minnesotan's life or my own. Either these are simply part's of our lives that he truly experienced, or he definitely has the same dreams as me.<br />
<br />
Thank you everyone who read this. I don't really care if people believe this, i know what i am.

i had a dream.. was in a parallel universe. Things were kind of the same, I was aware i was dreaming and could actually warp the walls with my bare hands but the walls went were coming off slightly, kinda of like inception movie...I tried telling a few people/ when i was there but they didnt believe me until i pulled out a 50cent coin Eisenhower half dollar..I showed them they were astonished, they thought it was fake, then they pulled out their half dollar JFK. I even traded coins. one thing that was popular in that universe on earth was an energy drink shot gun.. They were a re-loadable cartridge gun that had thick liquid energy shot, you had to **** back a lever-so a proportion would get in a measured chamber, then pump it once with a plunger to inject co2, then you had to shake it to mix, then putting it up to you mouth you push a button and it shoot a frothy energy shot, super thick... i tried it, it was orange flavor, about 10 shots worth per cartridge. theres a load of other things too that happen that would take alll day to write about, but in the end i told them watch me disappear, i pulled out my quarter with a black felt tip mark dot on it and told them goodbye. then woke up... being that theres billions or trillions of parallel universes, ill probably wont be able to go back... i noticed that the earth was tilted more than usual, to the town from this universe was 50 miles away in their universe...

I had a similar experience last night while having a cold/fever. I was in another universe but in I think California rather than where my body was in Florida. For me, on a reality scale (of feeling like it was real), it rated 10, where most of my dreams are about a 6. In fact I knew I was somewhere else and had all of the body perceptions of where I was and even had an awareness of where I came from. It was completely real - I have no doubt about it that I was actually somewhere alive. I was talking to some kid surfers on the beach and asked them where I was. I tried to explain that I was from Florida but was now here and I couldn't communicate it as I knew it wouldn't make sense to them. I walked around and realized my wallet was not in my pocket. I thought I have no money and no connections and would have to do some work to get some money. I then thought that if I stay here I will have to leave my other body behind and it will probably die. I thought it would be upsetting to those I was close to if they found me dead and started re-linking to the other body. In an instant I woke up. I have no idea where I was - It makes me suspect that we choose our lives and maybe aging is just a way of attempting to end the misery of one life but then one decides to change their mind and hang on until finally you just end it and move on. I've been personally going through bad experience after another and the idea of being in this new place was a great feeling only I didn't want to create a bad experience for others I was leaving behind, so I returned.

@IvanDude: i have had similar experiences since past 10 years and i have recursively started to join the dots. Would you like to share more about the experience. May be this shall help both of us and the others to reach a conclusion.<br />
<br />
@everyone: guys i have had almost exact experiences the alternate me has a different childhood, different timeline or life experience, and somehow i have managed to be in different realms where things were completely different. Exactly as Ivan described i too knew what is happening in the alter universe and kind off felt like i am the subconscious of the alter me many times over the period of years. The sad part is i have no recollection of the life memories of the parallel universe version of me once i wake up. <br />
As its been a little more than a decade since it all absolutely started i have observed one thing for sure, there were a few instances of me viewing the future, the recent most experience of my life was quite confirming, But my dreams barely sounded like past life or anything similar.<br />
<br />
Scientists and Quantum Physicists have proved the existance of wormholes at quantom level(, and microblackholes( May be thought or electronic is activity might be synched with the parallel universe alter self through these concepts.<br />
<br />
i am not a Scientist, but i do believe this is happening to me and a few more people and its true.<br />
atleast my future vision has come true thrice in my life with a 100% accuracy to detail of the brick on the wall of a building i saw in my dream.<br />
<br />
However, i wish somehow i could confirm the theory on connecting parallel universes through dreams. what ever be the truth "fact or illusion" just need a satisfying answer.

heres my dream from last night.<br />
<br />
I moved to a small new york like city in the not to distant past, maybee 50s, but the people were modern.<br />
I was a loner moving from delapidated condemned buildings to another living as a vagrant. I met and befreinded a prostitute <br />
whom i didnt have sex with, we spend time just talking and connecting on an emotional level. I get a job as an actor named Buck, <br />
starring me and one gay red haired man in early 20s and three other women who i befriend during the shooting of movie, <br />
but the movie was just my life. Going as normal, as a vagrant going around<br />
making friends and having experiences with people. One girl had strawberry blonde hair, i beleive her name was sara. her and I spent the most<br />
time together going on rides and visiting locations. But we always ended up at the same corner 2 story delapidated<br />
apartment building where the prostitute lived, shooting there on location was Judd Appatow. The crew and I wanted to catch<br />
a glimpse of him before shooting started so we walked and found him sitting at a table and just looked at him and walked off.<br />
we return to shooting and while shooting the delapidated building collapses with me holding one to one corner as the roof<br />
swings from left to right diagonally to the ground then i land safely and let go of the roof before the whole building<br />
collapses. One of the women i met in a mall setting in a courtyard of food places, she was very friendly possibly latin origin<br />
or half black. She was very sweet and was there for me as support, but wasnt in the movie. The red haired gay man became<br />
my best friend of the dream where i confided in him about the women in the movie who i was developing relationships with.<br />
Once again after the building collapse the movie thing goes away and its just us hanging out at some generalized town center.<br />
with gambling areas and courtyards and stuff. possibly the mall where i met the latin girl. They all were interested in me<br />
but one eventually developed a stronger connection with another person and moved to him, and it hurt me a little because<br />
she was my primary interest, but strawberry blonde liked me the most so i ended up with her being my primary girl.<br />
<br />
the whole time i had some uncanny strength ability in my left hand that let me deflect bullets and such if i were attacked and had super strength.<br />
<br />
After going on carnival like rides (one being a superman thing that shot you into the air) i remember imediately meeting some girls and asking for sex and they always said yes, but we were driving around and everywhere we went there was traffic and kids and just never got around to the deed. Me knowing this is a dream by now, purposely asked these questions. but still enjoyed participating in said dream because i felt like these were real people whom i was developing meaningful relationships with. None of them were judgemental and they all had my best interest at heart and were generally friendly.<br />
<br />
When movie shooting was over it was time to depart, for some reason everyone was leaving by train to their hometowns, one girl was in texas the other in florida. but on the train we were all on some disgruntled person with no personality but i remember as having a part in the movie pulled out a gun and killed strawberry blonde and the girl next to him.<br />
I woke up after this but quickly went back to sleep nearly crying. THe goodbyes were already happening as we were boarding the train shortly before the murder occured. we were all sad, i ran down the road looking for sticks and cardboard to make a makeshift sign to point towards arkansas if they ever wanted to find me because i told them all this would likely be the last time we ever saw each other. and by now we were all heavily invested emotionally in friendship. I ended up scrapping the idea of making signs and just told myself give them your phone number or email. but by that time. everyones stop had come and i was the only one left, but at the last stop all i saw waiting for me was my family and<br />
felt some relief but still heavy loss as i had lost all my friends forever.<br />
<br />
<br />
does this just mean i'm messed up and am afraid of real people? or did I go make friends from another dimension?

I couldn't tell you why you had the premonition type of dream you did but I do very much believe that your subconscious visisted all these 'other parallel worlds' in the space of your R.E.M. sleep. Also the normal space time continuum doesn't follow the same pattern when 'visiting' these other worlds which may explain how you experienced one or more of your dopplegangers' futures and/or pasts<BR><BR>I tend to remember at least one vivid dream around every other night on average - sometimes even 2 or 3 in one night. But, what seems remarkable is that it actually FEELS like you've been to the other side. For instance, the other day I had a dream where I was at my house but at the other side of my street, the new houses hadn't been built yet. But, the houses remaining weren't quite the same as the previous ones and tended to change slightly every time I glanced at them in the dream. Could it be that we pass through the minds of our other 'dopplegangers' which exist in the infinate number of paralell universes, even at the rate of the bl<x>ink of an eye sometimes? Scientists of conventional wisdom say we dream becuase our brain tries to sort out our feelings, the days events, our actions etc. But, our dreams are certainly not merely our thoughts but something a lot deeper which may very well be related to quantum and interdimensional physics.<BR><BR>Because this subject is of interest to me I decided to compose a dance track about it which you can listen to by visiting the link below.;)<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks for reading.<BR>--Davey--

Amazing. I can explain the way that time is artificial. you can message me. you would benefit from checking out the entire site called

either way, its a pretty cool dream

Dreams are one of the most apparent ways of communicating with your deeper subconsious levels. I myself have had many unusual experiences where I've seen moments through the eyes of another conciousness (whether my own subconcious or others - either way all of infinite conciousness is our 'own'), and it is very likely that you were communicating very closely with your other self. <br />
I tend to find that our subconciousness tends to pull things from our waking life that are fimiliar to us in order to project certain ideas to us and communicate to our higher waking conciousness. <br />
All these levels of consciousness are paralell and not unseparated form eachother and are infinite. Think - a fractal. <br />
Which is the design of everything including the universe of conciousness.