Ever Expanding Universe

we as humans know very litte about earth it self,,the oceans have never been explored,yet we have been to the moon and back,,taking into consideration the known facts about the universe the earth is in now,is just mind blowing trying to comprehend the ever expanding universe we exist in now,,,then we have the Parallel Universe to ponder on,,,I believe it is a real thing,,it in itself can solve many problems that have been questioned by humans for years,,,like UFO's that appear then disappear in the twinkle of the eye,,there has to be a portal from one universe to the next,,then when in that universe there must be be a portal to another universe,,,and it goes on and on,,,who can comprehend eternity,or the hight ,depth,or width of GOD ?
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I believe we are at the infancy stage of human species. We will understand earth and the universe at some point. Once we do, we will become the E.T.'s of other galaxies :p

add me as a friend,,,we have like minds,,,,and would love to chatt with you

Ever watched Ancient Aliens?

yes,,all the time,,one of my favorite shows

your first mistake is belief in god. something that truly can not be proven. we have sent humans to the depths of the mariannas trench have mapped and studied our entire planet. and of course we have no concept of eternity.<br />
there is a story about a bug this species of bug was highly intelligent but was born reproduced and died in a 24 hour period so it had no concept of time. all it new was the length of a day

I totally agree with everything you say . . . it is never ending . . . it is eternal . . . thank you for sharing your thoughts of the subject . . . :)

wow..I'm amazed...something I really never thought of actually...hmmm might get me reading some stuff about it ..:):)..Thanks for sharing.....