I Am A Portal Gate Between Worlds

It's true. I run a hotel that is located between different worlds. It has many gates that lead to different worlds and some of the people that now live here have the ability to open new ones to other worlds. Tons of people come here from just about everywhere. It's not a mental thing and it's not spiritual either. It's kind of like I'm in both this plane and the next one. I have both a physical body and the body that is located where the Hotel is. I can see both at the same time which makes life hard sometimes because I see the inside of the hotel and all it's people yet I also see the outside world where my college and home and other life is. It's pretty hard to explain, but yeah.. I know other worlds exist because I see them all the time when I'm not in my world running the outside... For instance, there is a girl named Samari here who has strawberry pink hair and bat wings, she used to run my body for me when my inside body went elsewhere, such as to other worlds. To people on the outside it may look as if I have what they call "multiple personality disorder" or MPD/DID, but in reality, it's nothing like that at all. Anyone that is staying in the hotel or lives in the residential area (because people can choose to live here if they want) can run the outside. When this happens, I am no longer here and they are. They are then able to see both of the worlds at once. There was even one incident where something happened on the other plane that affected the plane that this world is on. Also, sometimes my body's eye color changes depending on who is out. I have only told a few people about this and they all seem to believe. I just wanted to share this with you guys since you seem to be very into this kind of stuff...
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Probably its mistaken for DID because it is exhibits the same symptoms, if u become "possesed" by anothers spirit cuz urs is away then ppl will think ur acting out of character and ppl with DID can experiance changes in eye color also so just be keen on not being away long and not trusting just anyone to take over your body or ppl will mistake you for worse things. A hotel for ppl traveling universes....did the ppl from there mistake it for transelvania lol.

I can't quite tell waht you are trying to say. But either way, no this is not MPD/DID. None of the people here have been created due to trauma or anything of that sort. No one thinks I'm "acting out of character" because everyone who runs the body does their best to act like me unless they are around someone who knows about the Hotel/City. Now then, of course I don't trust just anybody running the body. We go though a long interview like process to pick the people who can best run the body as well as help with work and such. No, nobody mistook this place for transelvania...


Where is the hotel?

It's in this place located not exactly in this world..

Where is the hotel?