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Dreams, Deja Vus And Simultaneous Existence

I keep having deja vus lately. It is so frequent that I can't keep my mind off it. Well usually I would just shrug it away... there's nothing new about it, I've been having it since young, everyone has it, what's the big deal? That's precisely the big deal. Because everyone has it, knows it but have no absolute idea what it is.

I have been thinking about parallel dimensions. And lately my dreams are blending into my reality, and vice versa. My real world seems to be just like my dreams - the feelings are psychedelic, dreamy, surreal and REAL. So I was thinking, maybe, the 'real world' I am experiencing right here right now is also a dream state?

Say, there is no such a thing as time. Or time is in a loop or backwards... And we live in multiple universes - different lives, same person (but not exactly the same), different dimensions at the same 'time' but different timelines. So that makes us multi-dimensional beings. Simultaneous existence. Ever watch the movies Sliding Doors and Butterfly Effect? It may shed some light on what I am talking about. Parallel realities isn't a new concept but nevertheless still interesting to me.

For what I am experiencing here, typing this blog out, another me could be doing something else totally different in another dimension. She could be living another experience in another timeline, say 1789 in the French Revolution (which really resonates with me and I am convinced that I've experienced it in this dimension), while also commanding a spaceship somewhere else too in 3012.

Or, as I am typing this blog out, my other-self is also doing something I have done just minutes before in my current dimension (what I am experiencing right now). For instance, I was washing dishes 30 minutes ago before typing the blog. And as I am typing this blog, the other me in another reality is washing the dishes... and she has a deja vu of washing dishes. Now how this information gets to the other me, I don't know! Probably we share the same 'consciousness' that is out of all these realities and exists in a 'higher plane' for it to experience all realities at the same time - the Higher Self, the Soul, the Divine Consciousness, whichever is fine.

That brings me to my dreams. Like I mentioned, I have been experiencing my reality as a dream-like state these days. Could our dreams also the other realities we live in with our other selves? When we sleep we actually travel to those realities in dreams to merge and gather information. Deja vu? Maybe. So many possibilities!
SapphireSol SapphireSol 31-35, F 1 Response Dec 7, 2012

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I was always told that deja vu ment that you were on the right track.
and i have dreams like that alot. I hope that is a possibility, i would love to meet all the parallel versions of myself and fully understand their perspectives. I wonder if people with Dissociative identity disorder or MPD are like that because all the parallel versions merged and took ahold of an emotion that uses the energy to keep the parallel's alive. -maybe im thinking too much into all this -_-

I don't think you're thinking too much about this, it actually makes sense. Maybe some people with DID/MPD really are entering different parallels where they see different versions of themselves but do not have the self-awareness to understand what they are experiencing. I have thought about the same thing.