A Firm Beliver

I am a ferm beliver when it comes to parralel universes. I started having dreams about me crossing over to stuff like naruto, dbz, or kiba tv. Even my little pony friend ship is magic! I also see strange auras(yes, I can see auras)take on the shape of characters. I also feel like their watching over me. I feel like I can share thoughts with them so I'm never alone. I know it's a long shot, but sometimes I feel like they want me to be apart of their life. like they want me to come to their world.

Does it sound to crazy to you?
AnimeFanGirlForever AnimeFanGirlForever
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4 Responses Jan 15, 2013

not to me at al i believe in the same thing i believe in paralell universes so anything is possable :)

But seeing auras and contributing chracteristics through tv characters is prolly your gift.....id say spiritual gift ir gift from above but those cartoons r gnostic lol.

dude. I can see auras. you can learn to, but i was born with the power. I see hazes of color around people. true story bro

I dont doubt it but i wouldnt count it as a "heavenly gift" cuz of the hermeneutic nature of those cartoons.

Heavanly Gift?

btw, google it

Have you been watching too much Tron lol jk. Well for sure sharing thoughts with an inanimate object is impossible, its like when people give their prayers to the Virgin Mary (no offense if you are Catholic), the only time La Santa De La Muerte (St. Of the dead) would answer someone is because demons are at work.

I dont watch tron. I've seen the movie though

Certainly not crazy to me. I have experienced similar things, though I don't see auras, I sense energies instead. PM me if you want to share experiences.