Parallel Memories.

I not only believe in parallel universes but I believe that we actually share memories with our parallel selves.  Do a search on the internet someday and look for stories about people and places that have changed.  I remember one such story where the person in question came home one day to find a tree missing from his yard that he swears was there when he went to work in the morning.  No one else remembers the tree but he knows it was there.  It could also explain why we have stories about dragons and monsters but yet we haven't found any solid evidence to support those stories.  Maybe the stories are real but not from our version of reality.  I wish I could travel between those parallel places.  Just my .02 worth on the subject.

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Memories are a powerful force, no matter in what life in this world or anothers there are things people cannot even imagine, there might be more then one god, all the ancient religion and mythology might have existed and maybe you've been there but lost your memories when you died not saying you actually experienced that just saying it as a example, maybe fictional in this world but in others it's a reality, and they're might be fragemints of those worlds or events in this world... you just have to know where to look, as for myself i believe that anything is possible because my memories tell me so i have memories of so much i'm pretty sure if i openly told people i would be branded crazy, as for movies, books and video games they're all a world some maybe in the same galexy but i'm 100 percent sure that they're were discovered in a dream that's why they're now known here *smiles* in alot of my dreams i have adopted a baby Tarbosaurus and his name is Speckles and he was introduced in the movie Speckles the Tarbosaurus but it didn't matter in all my dreams and memories i remember adopting him and raising him like a son and no one can take that away from me

soon I got well, and a sigh of relief. But the memory of the dreamof the number combinations was still in my mind. I began to go or be cautious at things. I let go of things that I think would have or complicate things the moment I felt so.

It was february ending and reaching March 2012. I was stabbed in the face.
I have this argument with a friend and that I wished her to go away instead of us arguing of such matters and make things complicated. So I closed the door, and expect that she would go somewhere else that we would not argue or spark. But she was back and she bang the slightly tightened door and got into the kitchen and had the knife into the left side ridge of my nose.

But hopefully, I survived that february 27 and had the rest the next days. Not so as I thought it was going well, and it was March and the allergy of the tetanus or something have swelled my skin and was all over my body. So I got backinto the hospital for the treatment and vaccine.

The Month of march is getting me the creeps. The number 2 and 1, 21 and 21. Or the date. Or a combination of some thing. I wish I know.

I did not expect to be awaken in the hospital because of the accident was fatal.
I was somewhat expecting angels or none at all.
Inside the time between that moment i had the accident and lost sight or consciousness and until Im awake
I remember it to be in a dark place and on a far far side a sphere of light or something of that shape( they call quantum tunnel or whatever).
Somewhat like you are in a compartment of some sort where it is dark and you could just see the small light glowing but not much to occupy all the vast darkness. I can't move, there is no smell or feeling of touch. and then bang- force pushing me towards the sphere of light then was there at the hospital.

But before that, this was really confusing. I remember it to be on that dark place.
However, my memory also remembers a chain of event that my accident occurred in a car accident in a race track that lead me into falling into the dark place.
But I am no race car driver.

I remember 2 memories.

I have a memory I was driving fast in a car, going past other cars, in a car racing event in a race track and had the collision in the track. And a memory of the real accident that I went through was the accident at the stairs back at our home.

then forward into the dark place.

then, awaken in the hospital.

This was last early month of 2011.

I am not sure about what I encountered or the dream really means. I had this dream, a half-awaken dream or something. I wasnt sure that I was asleep because the setting of the event (the dream) was in my room at the mezzanine attic where I rest at night at the house of my aunt. I have not been taking drugs or something. The dream-event was that there in my room where I lay down my bed - i heard a voice that said:

the number 21 21 21 and that I am gonna die at that number combination.

With this I was shocked inside of me upon hearing the statement and slightly panicked and see who's on the room around with a light dim and saw or noticed a figure -dark cloaked figure and then suddenly vanished or disintegrate in the thin air or space.

I am an engineering graduate and my inteligence tells m, so far,that I have to validate if I am in a dream. Well, the event is in the room where I am resting at that moment. This is not possible.

Okey, I see, I have to open myeyes. I opened my eyes as if it was my eyes were closed. And ok I m still at my room. It was so strange and bizaare and it becomes a memory.

I did die of the following months or so- or if I really have died in a way. I am not sure, because I am alive right now typing this event in my life.
March 2011 around 3pm, I had an accident at the stairs at home.

The next thing, I have awaken at the Hospital.


I actually had a dream, that changed the way I thought the next day. The dream was a complete opposite from the next day. It felt really weird too.

i don't know how to interpret my experiences that i had. i meditated and let go myself from the space and time [while doing this, i felt pain all over my bodies], and when i felt very calm, i got trance and asleep. while doing this meditation, i set my mind to let my body to go to the other dimension. in my sleep, i dream of myself being in a complete different places from myself before. once, i'd been at a place where there were a lot of water around but the land were so few, and even fish can live and breath on land, because of the wetness on the land, i was there, working on the pipe line with my other brother to make sure those water were not going to burst on land . lately, i dream of being in a place where my male friend becoming my partner (i am male, just for information), and we lived inside a huge house made of wood. there was a woman inside of the house who was so noisy but literally, when i heard her voice, i felt so calm, even i knew that she would never stop talking. so is that only a dream or the fact that i already cross over to the other parallel world?<br />
<br />
well, the real matter is, these places i had been, i had never seen before, or even thought of..... like a fish that can walk and breath on the land.....

I think your idea is as possible as any idea could be. We would be arrogant to assume we have enough facts to disprove it because we as a civilization can't possibly know everything. Of course, that's a dangerous line of thought because it makes ANYTHING possible when placed in that arena. <br />
<br />
On a more related note. I wonder if this is why I have believable daydreams in the middle of every day and then later believe the events in those daydreams to have actually happened. Very vivid daydreams could also be considered hallucinations since I feel like I'm experiencing them like anyone else is experiencing their morning coffee. Although I think the word for that is schizophrenia . OOPS! turns out I'm crazy. <br />
<br />
No but seriously. Maybe I'm not crazy and I'm actually looking at a parallel universe. It's theorized that parallel universes are generated every time anyone makes a decision. That, however, makes me wonder where in the hell existence is fitting all these damn universes.

Your first sentence certainly is food for thought.<br />
<br />
Have you ever had a memory of a tv program you watched as a kid, only to see it years later and it is similar to how you remember but not entirely accurate?<br />
<br />
Maybe we cross universes all the time without knowing. <br />
<br />
Sometimes you can remember events clearly you had with a friend, and they have no recollection of it. <br />
<br />
Also, there have people who have been regressed through hypnosis and have memories of past lives which are accurate when researched apart from a few details. I can remember seeing a documentary about a lad who believed he lived before in a place called Barra. He was extremely accurate apart from the name of his father. Maybe in a different Universe his father did/did not exist.

hey you should check this website out called<br />
<br />
it is a true story about a guy that gets in a parell universe and he steal a beatles tape because their they were still all alive and never broke up its a good story

I agree about parallel universes, but think I've found other "answers" for the monsters, giants and dragons...

hmmmm, parallel self-, isn't that kinda like having your inner child..

I find the idea of parallel universes fascinating too :)

I recently watched a movie "The Lake House"<br />
<br />
" . . . . . . . Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves , exploring a mysterious mailbox that somehow bridges time. After moving away from her peaceful lakeside home, a lonely physician (Bullock) begins writing letters to the frustrated architect (Reeves) who now occupies the building, only to discover that they're living two years apart."<br />
<br />
It was a very good movie, and it makes you think a little more about Time and Space and yes, Parallel Universes.<br />
<br />
If you haven't seen that movie, you might want to check it out :)

we don't understand very much yet, really, do we?! ... but i do love your theory. Many dimensions, much 'stuff' and 'more things than ... dreamt of', just as the man said...

Hey Boan! I watched that last night on the science channel! It was all about M theory and the 11th dimension where all of the parallel universes exist in the multiverse! It was awesome!

I would compare my life with that of my parallel self. Seeing how their life has turned out thus far and what they did differently from me to get there. It's amazing to me that there is an infinite number of parallel universes... in one universe, the only difference between it and this one is that I drank tea this morning instead of coffee. In another, I may not exist at all... in another, maybe we have no eyes! And in another, maybe all matter is made up of electricity and we're all like living lightening bolts! The possibilities are endless! It's fun to sit and try to come up with all of the different universes that could exist... it's mind boggling!

boann, i must say i think you're on to something about the dream thing.. i've had experiences like that too. also, i just think there's something to it--although i can't think of a way to put it into words.

But I found this on youtube;

well i have no proofs nor am i scientific enough to even attemt dabble in ths from the factual standpoint. Buty my dreams are sometimes so REAL, up to the beatig of the heart and feeling weak that I actually tend to wonder if it isn't a parallel universe that we may be seeing in the dream. Of course, dreams are projections of infor that brain transforms and digests but it ould be actually stirring tofind there is a number of yous and perhaps one you is faring better tahn you are. I am reminded of the pop tv series Sliders. But Borges also explored these posibilities in his own philosophcal fashion and it was fascinating. It;s fascinating to think about parallel universes.

very much so. well off the top of my head, the first thing i would say is that space and time aren't only what we usually experience them as. like, i think everything is occuppying the same space, sort of, but it's which frequency you're tuned into that makes the difference in what you experience. <br />
so there's a tidbit.

hell yeah! i absolutely agree with you. i've often wished i could visit these paralell worlds too!:) another thing, when people remember their "past lives" etc, i consider that a memory from a parallell world--i mean, time is an illusion for one thing. (personally i believe in infinite universes)<br />
2 other things: i was curious if you were familiar with whitely streiber. he mentions an experience of stumbling into a parallell world in one of his books, as well as related experiences. i love his work; you might want to check it out too if you're not already familiar.<br />
joe haldeman is a really fun writer regarding this kind of thing too.<br />
sorry to talk your ear off, but this stuff is right up my alley and i love finding people who are also interested in it!!

Ablmu65: I agree, it's important to respect every opinion, whether you agree with it or not. <br />
<br />
Faith is an interesting word, and one that seems to end all arguments to the contrary. I agree, you do not have to have evidence to have faith, so I can't fault you there. It seems like a fantastic assumption to make though, given the subject matter. <br />
<br />
However, I recognize that there are things that are beyond our understanding, which is why I don't dismiss the idea entirely. And the presence of things like anti-matter in the universe give us an inkling that something along those lines may indeed be possible. <br />
<br />
It's certainly an interesting debate.

LOL, that was a great statement.

I just hope my parallel self is getting her act together better than this one. ;-)

Just as an add on to your comment, I want to thank you and everyone else for sharing their view points on this. After all this is what EP was created for, the sharing of ideas and of stories. We may not always agree with each other but it is important that we respect that right to agree or disagree.

Unless your belief is based on faith. Faith doesn't need concrete evidence to be true to that person. There are a lot of things in the world that people believe in that require them to suspend science and take up faith. You are right when you said that belief should be followed up with hard science and someday it is my belief that the science will prove the existence of many things that we currently only have faith in. I hope that makes sense, I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee yet this morning.

I don't think you can "believe" in parallel universes without concrete proof of their existence. You can certainly suspect that they exist. <br><br />
<br><br />
It's possible that they do exist, yes. I don't think it's feasible though. What possible physical reason could there be for the existence of an entire identical universe? It makes no sense. <br><br />
<br><br />
Dragons and monsters and such are easily explained by the human tendency to pass stories from person to person, each individual adding a little exaggeration to the tale for effect along the way. In this way a large lizard becomes a dragon over centuries of story telling. <br><br />
<br><br />
There is also the matter of the human imagination, which is boundless, and many stories have been written and told for entertainment, which have transformed into myth over the ages.<br />
<br />
Shaylon - you are right, Dinosaur bones could have been uncovered by people in ancient times, which could have given them the impression that some kind of huge beasts exist and given rise to the myth of dragons.

velosapien - it is not physical - nothing is physical as we think it is - it is all an illusion - we shift between these realities seamlessly with one "experience" providing everything necessary for us to feel in control of our mind. One can shif anytime - under any circumstance- is just the it must happen without any effort but only feelings. for example - choose to feel happy and you will find circumstances around you to support that, likewise - choose to feel sad and the same will happen... feel abundance and so forth.... i hope this helps.

I have that happen with ob<x>jects that are slightly off kilter in my house when I know that is not how i left them! Maybe dinosaurs were mistaken for dragons. Did anyone ever see the old movie in black and white where a man and woman visit each other and transfer ob<x>jects such as a wedding ring with telepathic in head rendez-vous's? OMG and when I was rollerskating once there was this guy with blond hair and everyone I spoke to described him as having black hair and when I saw him again it was black and I was 100% positive he had blond hair! It wasn't one of those witness type of identifications. I looked at him for 3 hours while my friends and I spoke to him. Totally trippin'!

Interesting! Do you think that helps explain deja vous? I've always wondered about that . . .

I'm pretty sure I've done that. It's very confusing.

Imagine being able to talk to your alternate self in dreams. What would you say?