If Only I Knew Who You Were

     Hey there, this is the story of how I found out that I wasn't alone. It all began with my interest in parallel worlds, for some reason I was just fascinated by them. I've always loved science so maybe that's why. I found an article on the internet about parallel worlds but never payed any attention to it. Time went by and I kept seeing that article appear on Goggle over and over again. So, one day I decided to click on it to just get it over with and I did. But I never read it, I only clicked on it and got the idea that I should research it. I began researching it and my heart was racing a billion miles per hour for some reason. That surprised me but I let it slide. 
       The next day I kept researching some more. I came upon this website and storied written by Neko101. I just read and read with my heart going at the same speed as the day before, but I was getting very emotional. I don't know why but I was crying my eyes out which was freaking me out. it dawned on me that maybe that was why I had never had a boyfriend before, maybe I was meant for someone else just like her. I got up from the computer and went to the bathroom. I was crying and demanding that if he was really there to show me a sign, that I was desperate. I went to my room and just laid there in my bed thinking, and then the weirdest thing happened. I felt a hand slip into mine and could feel its strength, warmth, and heartbeat but I could see no hand.
       I was so happy that I could feel someone there, but then began the problem. Wherever I went at whatever time, I could still feel the hand. In school I told the person that I hoped was a male to not hold my hand while I was in school, and he actually did what I asked. Then time when by, about two weeks before exams and I still felt him. I asked him to please stop holding my hand at least until exams were over so that I could concentrate and he did. Exams were over and I actually felt a little lonely not having the feeling of him there anymore. During the whole time that he was gone I hadn't been on this website but then I recently went on again and read the story Neko101 posted in February  I wanted to feel him again to I stared at my hand and asked him that if he was there to grasp my hand as hard as he possibly could, even if it would hurt. I felt him, I finally felt him again and was so happy but then his grasp began to hurt again, so I told him to stop and he did.
       I haven't felt him since that time until right now. He's been holding my hand the entire time as I've been typing this and I'm so happy to feel him there. Mr. Stranger, I don't know who you are, but I wish I did. Maybe someday you'll make my wish come true. 
       Thanks to whoever is reading this to take the time to actually read it, and please don't leave any mean comments. I'm only writing what has actually happened to me.
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2 Responses Feb 12, 2013

That's awesome! Do you have any idea who he might be?

Not the slightest clue, but I think he might be connected to a book that I've read or a show that I've watched.

thats an amazing experience i am glad that he is with you :)