I Think He Has Told Me His Name Before

I . . . was in eight grade. I had a dream in only five minutes. In that dream I was at a house with my cousin and it was a house that was alone with no grass around it. Then there appeared giant air balloons made of paper. Then it was pitch black and the air balloons glowed a beautiful blue. My cousin asked me who brought them and I smiled and then said . . . Princeton. But I'm not sure if that was his exact name since it has been two years. I wrote his name on a piece of paper and put it in a pen, but I don't know where it is, remember, two whole years or maybe a little more has gone by since then. But . . . that is one of the most beautiful dreams I've ever had.
Comments and advice are greatly appreciated. no hate please.
WhiteKnight303 WhiteKnight303
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2013