Atleast, I Think I Do?

could someone please give me the definition of "a parallel universe". i have never understood what it truely means, i have watched "the beach" several times, when leonardo dicaprios charactor "richard" is explaining what one is. But i still am i bit clueless :S


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3 Responses Feb 12, 2009 HAVE to get the movie "What the Bleep do we know?!" that is the title....amazing. You will learn alot from that movie!

Thankyou very much, i think i understand now, it all seams rather fascinating, i thought it was that, but wasn't completely sure. :)

Think back to High School, when you were taking geometry. There we learned about things called Parallel Lines, which are two lines that mirror each other and that extend in exactly the same way at the same angle right next to each other. Now look at the Universe... Its pretty big I think, and imagine it as a long narrow line. Then, think that perhaps there was another line next to it. Both lines (or universes) could start and stop at the exact same area, or have the same angle, or the same length or texture to it.... The concept of a Parallel Universe is another existence that could be in play that is outside of the tangable one that follows the rules we are familiar with. Both lines (Universes) could have exactly everything the same except for one trait, like the location of earth, or the way the sun emits light that leads to human evolution with a different color of skin.... With this in mind, there is the possibility that there is an infinite set of Lines (universes) out there that are in one way or another parallel. What is going to be up to debate is whether or not there is a way to prove that they exist, because to do so would mean that these lines would be connected; exchanging mass and energy between them to gather any scientific data that they exist. What many believe, is that because these Lines (Universes) can be unbelievably similar to the point that they can become symbiotic: in other words connected by the extreme similarity and subject to one another. Such as there being an additional writer who is typing this down in a parallel universe and having them be in symbiosis with each other to the point that any differences between them are picked up in contrast to this symbiosis. So basically, that some people believe is that they can communicate with other beings that are exactly like them, just under different circumstances in these other Universes (Lines) because their symbiotic relationship to each other has an interference in there day to day life or whatever influence that makes their lives different from one another. At least, this is what I have come to find; many of those who have these experiences where they have had some sort of communication with the Parallel Self are aware only of the differences between the two selves; because everything else is in harmony and unnoticed.