Paranormal Experiences All My Life.

I am glad to be able to communicate with others who also believe that there is more than this life we know in body. Since a small child, I have always been able to see and hear things that my parents found puzzling, people that they knew had passed, i told them about. To me it was a normal and natural part of life and I was never alarmed, or scared. My Father, also, had some experiences and one in particular that stayed with him all his life.

My Dad, grew up in Wales, in a small mining community, as indeed did I, during the early years of WW2. To continue with one of Dad´s experiences:- He awoke, very early one winter morning, before the pit siren went off to call the men to work. He felt nauseous, and so went outside and sat on the doorstep for a while. the household was still asleep and he was aware that soon his older brother would have to wake up and go to the pit. Whilst he was sitting there, his next door neighbour came out of his house, with his lunch pail (they called it their "bait tin") and sat on the step next to him. (They were typically small terraced houses belonging to the pit owners). Forgive me, I will not use names, but Mr. next door said to my Dad, who was only about ten years old at the time, Borada young ..... what are you doing up this early".My Dad replied that he could not sleep because he felt sick. Mr next door then asked him, could he tell the time. My Dad, very proudly answered that of course he could, at which point, Mr. next door took our his pocket watch and showed him that it was only 4.45am My Dad remembered the watch very clearly because, where the second hand was, was a chicken tunning aroung the face of the watch which, of course, he found fascinating.

He went back to bed, calling on his brother that it was nearly time to get up.His Mam asked him what he had been doing so early in the morning, and he told her that he had been talking to Mr. next door. When he got home from school later that day, Mrs. next door was sitting with his Mam and they questioned him about his conversation with Mr. next door. Of course he told them about what they had talked about, and described the watch, the likes of which, he had never seen before. Both Ladies were, to say the least, completely at a loss, because Mr. next door had died at exactly 4.45am that morning.

debbiepayton debbiepayton
Dec 8, 2012