I Believe and I Know I Have Been Before

When I was a child I often felt I looked different than what the mirror showed me, not very different but slightly, I expected my eyes to be brown but they were blue for example. Later I had dreams that came in intervals for many years and persisted way into my early adulthood. Sometimes it was said maybe it was a message or something I had to digest psychologically -  it did not make sense though. Very often these dreams were from different time periods, WWII for example and also various other eras. Basically I can remember incidences from 3 different lifespans, not the whole life but scenes. I have a name in one of them though it's not my own but that of a loved one.

Sometimes I wished I knew of someone who does past life regressions. I sure would love to go.

Bennu Bennu
6 Responses Feb 23, 2009

i've sometimes also felt the sensation that i look different than i am. PLR is definitely worth it. i've uncovered so many things.


Hey Nanseltar, no offense has been taken, I am just having a bit of a rough day and riding a bit of a rollercoaster. I am extremely interested in past lives, always have been, there is a particular book I am trying to remember you might enjoy but got to wait till I get home to tell you the title, my brain right now is mush having to talk to idiots at work at the moment. So raincheck?

Hi, Bennu. No offence was intended and I wasn't making fun of you. It's just that "transgressions" means "sins" or "breaking the rules". Which can also apply to past life experiences, I guess. Anyway, I'm always pleased to meet someone who shares my interest in something.

well, in a way it wasn't a typo. I have read a book some time ago where the lady had brought with her trauma from previous lives. One was the fear of water, she later found out she had drowned a few times, one had problems breathing not due to physical health but psychosomatic. So yes it is transgression but the actually session would be a regression. Btw, glad to have entertained you with the typo, I am sure it will happen again since English is my second language even though I live in the US. Thanks for the I remember my past lives info I might check it out.

Hi, Bennu. Have you read the stories in "I Remember My Past Lives". Lots of stories and info there. Plus a regression exercise. (Your "past life transgressions" typo made me LOL. It could very well be true- we make the same mistakes in this life and we did in the last one! Heehee.)