Uppity Rugbiers Come Down A Notch

Rudy had one dream: to get on the college rugby team. He loved rugby and, actually, played it rather well. The macho snottiness that some rugby players displayed he cared less about. But he was in it for the sport.

Actually, "in it" was more like wishful thinking. He tried out for the team and the coach, a handsome young fellow who went by the name of George, was openly contemptuous of him because he didn't have a bodybuilder´s muscles.

"Ain't no sport for weaklings, kid," he said with a cruel smile.

"Move on, weasel," said Billy, one the players who was watching.

"Why don't you try playing chess?" quipped Nick, another player.

"You wouldn't last one minute in a serious match," declared Freddy, yet another player.

And then all the team players, headed by their young coach, started laughing.

Rudy was humiliated. Those were his idols: the people he most wanted to be like. And they were treating him like he was garbage. He suppressed a tear and went to his dorm room.

"Anything the matter?" asked Vito, his roommate.

They hadn't known each other before sharing a dorm room, but Vito and Rudy had become best of friends. Unlike Rudy, who was a middle-class kid from Long Island, Vito was a rather rough-edged Italian kid from Boston's North End who'd gotten a scholarship go to college.

"It's nothing," said Rudy. Then he burst into tears.

Half an hour later, he had told Vito what had happened.

"F--- bastards," muttered Vito, "Well, guess what? They're about to find out they're not as tough as they think."

Rudy didn't understand what Vito was talking about, but he was too miserable to care.

The following day, Rudy was sitting in his room reading a book when Vito barged in.

"Have you checked on your rugbier friends lately?" he asked Rudy.

"What do you mean?"

"Dunno. But you might want to pay the lockerroom a visit. Funny things are known to happen there."

Rudy stared at him.

"And you might as well hurry," continued Vito, "''em guys are in a bit of fix."

Rudy rushed to the locker room.

What he saw there beggared description. On the flloor were coach George as well as all the rugby players. ******** naked except for their jockstraps, bound and gagged. Their hands and feet were tightly bound together, and a large ballgag had been placed in each guy's mouth. They were squirming and moaning. Rudy was greeted with a symphony of "Mmmmmmmph".

"Dear god!" said Rudy.

The players and their coach, totally helpless, were all looking at him. There was a moment's suspense. This was the guy they'd humiliated the day before. What would he do? "Kick them while they´re down"? Laugh at them? Or perhaps just walk away?

As it turned out, Rudy, who hadn't a mean bone in his body, did nothing of the sort. He started untying them one by one. They had been beaten up real bad, so Rudy dried off the blood with a clean towel and tried to comfort the kids, some of whom were near tears.

"A gang of hooded hoodlums jumped us and robbed us of...everthing" said coach George, who was the last to be untied.

"How many were they?" asked Rudy.

"Erh...five." That was less then half the number of the guys Rudy had found ********, bound and gagged. Guess they weren't as tough as they thought.

"Shall I call a doctor?" Rudy asked.

"No!" cried Nick pitifully.

"Please, Rudy," pleaded Bill, "No one -- no one! -- must find out this happened to us."

Freddy started saying: "My girlfriend, if she knew, she'd..." And he started sobbing.

Soon the other kids were sobbing too, or at least sitting still and looking grim.

"We'll take of this ourselves," said coach George. Then he looked at Rudy at said: "Rudy, we're all grateful you."

They all started thanking Rudy. And Bill actually muttered an apology for the way they'd acted the day before.

"And by the way," said coach George with a friendly smile, "You made the team."

It was the happiest day in Rudy's life. After helping the guys find their shorts, which was all the hoodlums had left them (well, they had been rather torn up, so the guys went home in taxis with money Rudy lent them), he went back to his room.

"Your friends all right?" Vito asked him as soon as he saw him.

"They are now. Vito, what did you and your friends do to them?"

"Taught 'em a lesson. Aren't you going to thank me?"

Rudy stared at him.

"I know you meant well," Rudy said, "But how could you and your friends do such a horrible thing to those poor guys?"

"You don't think they deserved it?"

Rudy stopped to think about it.

"No," he said, "Nobody deserves this. And Vito: please leave them alone now."

Vito smiled. His roommate, he figured, had just been consecrated a rugbier himself.
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Dec 3, 2012