Penny's Everywhere!

My Fiance' passed away April 1,2010. We had talked about the Email I got about picking up a penny when you see one,even though it is not heads up, cause it is a penny from Heaven,Prior to his death,and we also saved our pennies. The day after he passed,I woke up to find a penny on the floor beside my bed. I just knew it was from him. Ever since, about 5 times a week, I keep finding pennies in strange places. I go outside,look down and find one covered in dried mud, in the middle of nothing! I went outside at work to have a cigg. looked beside the building and in the fresh mud,sitting right on top but still muddy, there was a penny! The weirdest place was this week, my sons grandmother had passed away a week prior, so when i went to the cemetary to visit my Fiance's wall marker, i decided to go find her marker also. I searched and finaly found it, and to my suprise, there on the top of her marble wall marker,Sat a penny!!! He knew i was going to go visit her, so he left me a sign from him! I am still finding pennies on a weekly bassis. I keep telling Greg(Fiance') to up the coins to quarters cause as many pennies that i have kept, that he keeps leaving me, i could pay my bills with! LOL So nice to hear that Others have or are having the same experience as me,,Makes me smile everytime i find a new one! God Bless!!         
                                                                                                                                                                                 Jaymi H.
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I still find pennies after my niece passed on, i keep them in my purse and it is getting heavy, but i just cant take them out. I need a special jar and i agree the raise the find to a quarter every now and then.LOL god bless i feel better i am not crazy, my friends look at me strange if i talk about leeann and the pennies,and god bless you also keep the memories, they must be good ones ,mine are

My husband of 35 years passed June 10, 2012 and I've been finding pennies I found a penny from "Espana" in a guest room I was cleaning. A friend told me that Allen is telling me he's here, loving me and watching over me and this is to let me know it. I'm not sure what to think, but it's the strangest thing and makes me weep every time I find one.

I have been finding pennies everywhere lately!. About an hour ago I was on the phone and something caught my eye!! It was a shiny penny.. the other day I found twelve of them and when I went to the store my bill came to 8.12 I would have been short!! They seem to show up a lot more when I am worried!! The other night after a stressful day one fell out of my shoe when I was taking them off!! I am not sure where or whom they are coming from but I find it compforting!!! Does anyone know what this means???? Thanks and GOD BLESS!

I once spoke to someone about my father that passed. I told the person that I wanted a sign from him. He went on to tell me about how he would find marbles in weird places and he always knew it was from a loved one. He told me to find something that was something of my fathers and there would be my sign. I tore the house a part and nothing. So i went to my mothers and went threw a few pieces of furniture. when I started to put stuff back there laid a marble. beside me. This opened up to me finding marbles in the weirdest place. When I find a marble it makes me smile. I just bought my first house. The first night staying. My husband was playing with my son in his new room. I glanced down and there laid a marble. I started crying on the spot. I new right then he was proud of me. congrats on your pennies :).

My mom passed away seven years ago and I find pennies all over the house. I am a teacher and have even found them under my desk and in my desk, where no one else has access to. I have even found one in the toilet! It's comforting knowing she's watching me and still with me and her sense of humor is still intact. AJ

my brother past away last week. I have been find ing pennies everywhere..tonight I was taking my niece to dinner and I put on a pair of fliip flops I was walking all over the house and when I took my flip flop off there was a penny in my flip flop how in the world did that happen A FLIP FLOP how bizzare. How did it not fall out?????? He is with me I know it! . bizzare. TT

I have been finding pennies everywhere for the last two months.<br />
<br />
I have lost loved ones, but sometime ago. I believe angels are watching over my decisions, my faith.<br />
<br />
Pennies from heaven.<br />
<br />

My wonderful husband leaves pennies in interesting places, too. It is so reassuring that our love is not "till death us do part." It's Forever.

the same thing is happing to me to! my step dad passed away august 9 2010 and hes leaving pennies everywhere for me and my mom!!(: its so fun to find them out of no where. but i love it!!(;

the same thing is happing to me to! my step dad passed away august 9 2010 and hes leaving pennies everywhere for me and my mom!!(: its so fun to find them out of no where. but i love it!!(;