3 In A Row

My dad passed away while on vacation this July. My mom called from the hospital as he lay gravely ill. By the time my sister and I flew out to where they were, he had passed. When we arrived, my mom was in the lobby of the hotel waiting for us. My sister stayed with my mother and I went to the room. When I walked into the room my eyes immediately caught three shiny pennies laying in a straight row about 8" apart. I just knew they were from my dad. When my mom got back to the room I showed her what I had found and she was in awe. Apparently, that was the exact location of when he had passed out before EMS took him to the hospital. My mom had been in the room shortly before and swore they weren't there. Weird.
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Hi Pam. Thank you for your letter. I read yesterday's Dear Abby and had to smile. Thanks for sharing. Please contact me when your letter is printed. I would love to share it with my family. We have had so many "pennies from heaven" this past month. Another story that happened that was pretty amazing was after I went through my daughter's closet to find her dressed for the Memorial Service... I carefully draped them on the empty dining room table. She was coming in from college and was having a particularly difficult time since it had been a while since she last saw her grandfather. When we went to check out the dresses, I picket them up, and a bright, shiny penny was right under them on the table. None of the dresses had pockets so I couldn't explain it away other than from my dad. I am now at the point where I just pick up the penny, smile, and say, "Hi dad!"<br />
And to you, I am sorry for your loss. Your mom must have been a wonderful person to have such a nice, caring daughter. Sincerely, Michele

How sweet of your dad to leave a penny for each of you! You are right, this is a sign from your dad that he is okay. Don't be surprised if this happens to you again when you are really missing him and need assurance that he is still watching over you and loving you from heaven. <br />
I had a similar experience this summer, except my coin was a dime. My mom passed away suddenly in February. I actually wrote Dear Abby a letter about my experience, and she called to verify some info and said she is going to print it (I'm really not crazy or making this up, lol). I signed it "Pam in Springfield, Ohio." If you're interested, I can let you know when she prints it. Dear Abby likes to print stories like yours. In fact, there is a "pennies from heaven" letter in today's column! If your paper doesn't carry Abby, you can go to www.dearabby.com and read it online.<br />
Please accept my condolensces for the loss of your father. I know the suddenness and shock of it makes it just that much more devastating. But I'm glad your dad sent you a tangible sign of his love and continued existence.<br />
Peace,<br />