Penny From My Daughter

My daughter passed away April 9.  Two days ago I was in my garage and thinking about my daughter.  I heard a metallic sound and looked down and there was a penny on the ground at my feet.  I love you and miss you, Baby Girl.
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My late husband alwayed save pennies and before he passed me and him wrapped over 15,000 pennies and took then to the bank and now I wished I would of keep them because I really miss him and before he passed he told me to watch for pennies from heaven that he would be with me always and now I see that people are doing floors and tables in then and I think I'm going to do one in my husbands passing. He passed 11/30/2003 at the young age of 68 and I was 45 with a 6 year old but we are doing I believe in pennies from Heaven.

Try writing a note to your daughter telling her that you would love more pennies. I have found almost ten in the past month. Each one I find I put by my grandpas picture.

Touching ! Have you ever heard the song " holes in the floor of heaven" by Steve Wariner. Sounds quite similiar to what happened. Keep looking and listening for more signs. she will always be with you in your heart! my sincerest condolences on your loss

I believe in things like that too. You might be interested in my story ( Reaching Out From Heaven) So sorry about your daughter. I'll say a prayer that God will hold you while you cry.

That is the sweetest story ever. Your daughter is watching over you and knows your sadness.