Pennies From Heaven

My daughters car crapped out, she and her husband are applying for a mortgage. They do have a great credit score but taking out a loan for a car now could hurt them and cost them money over the years. (They have two children).    
My Dad, who passed a year plus ago, would buy a car if he knew I needed one and give me his. So even though I love my car, I thought the right thing to do was to give her my car and for me to get a new one.
Found a car. Car fax said it was bought by the dealer on the one year anniversary of Dad's passing, delivered to my town on the day we buried him.  When exploring the compartments in my new car found a penny with my daughters birth year on it.  Thanks Dad (and I'm sure my Mom, who's with him, also helped)
nanbur nanbur
Oct 8, 2011