Treasures. In Heaven

Our son Zach passed away last year. Our family has been blessed with the belief that he is in heaven with God, but if course it is very difficult. There have been many instances that remind us Zach is in Heaven with God. A few months ago I started finding pennies ramdomly all over the place and often at difficult times when I am thinking about Zach. Something told me to pick them up and that these were from Zach. I had heard of the term Pennies from Heaven, but never really made the conscious connection. This morning i inadvertently kicked a penny in the train station on the way to work and picked it up. I thought about the saying Pennies from Heaven for the first time and Google'd it on the train. After getting through a couple web sites about songs and movies, I found this site. Praise the Lord and God bless Zach!
Cmorabito Cmorabito
May 4, 2012