My Mom And Dad And The Pennies!

Two years ago, I lost both of my parents in the same year, 9 months apart. They both passed in their 90th year and had been married for 60+ years. I started finding pennies almost immediately after they passed and in the strangest the changing station in a women's bathroom, sitting on the corner of a grocery display shelf, (my father worked in grocery stores!), and more recently, on the floor, almost everywhere I go: in the parking garage, in the middle of the hallway at work and so forth. Lately, the pennies show up when I ask for them; on my way home from work tonight, I asked my father to send me one and just as I finished the sentence, I looked down and there it was, all new and shiny. Three nights ago I asked both parents to send me a penny, either my mother or father, and TWO pennies showed up, one next to the other as I walked to my car in the parking garage at work.  I'm averaging 3-4 pennies a month at present and as such, my personal penny collection is growing.  It gives me comfort to know that I'm being watched over by the two people I  loved the most in this life, and that I'll see them again in the next.:)
Nearergh Nearergh
Aug 18, 2012