Husband Sends Anniversary Penny

I lost my sweetheart, Daryl, two months before our 28th anniversary. As the date was approaching I was feeling more and more sad and lonely so I went to a nearby religious site where you can walk through the woods and light a candle. As I lit the candle I talked to him and asked him to let me feel him around me so I wouldn't feel so lonely. As I turned to leave I saw 2 pennies on the ground. I picked them up and saw the dates didn't have any significance to me so I went to put them back down thinking someone else may find them and the dates would mean something to them. Then I was struck with the feeling to go stand in direct sunlight and look again.One of them was 1984-the year we were married. The other one was 1993- the year we went to Greece. On another occasion I was walking with my brother and we saw 2 pennies on the ground. We each picked up one. His was the year of his marriage and mine was again 1984-the year of our wedding. Last week I was sitting on my sister's sofa and next to me was a clutter of papers, pens, coupons, pins, etc. and one penny- 1984 again! I feel so blessed when I get these messages of love from him. I write him a letter almost every day just to talk to him and thank him for these and other signs he sends me. Thank you, my Sweetheart. Janet
JDPupper JDPupper
61-65, F
Aug 28, 2012