Daddys Little Girl

My dad passed away from Cancer in 2000 when i was 13 years old, we were very close, "daddy's little girl" would be an understatement. When he first got sick in 98' he moved our whole family back home. One thing i will never forget him saying is that "When you find out you are sick, that's when you realize your priorities" It is sad it takes an illness for most people to really see things clearly. The first year home i remember going out to the lake as often as possible, my dad cramming my head with information, maybe even too advanced for me to understand then. He told me his life story. One night we were sitting in the chair together listening to his favorite songs, then he told me a story.. when you find a penny on the ground that it means an angel is near you. He stories got further in between and incoherant due to the medication.. but a couple days before he died, he handed my mom a penny and said "Give this to Laura" My mom wasn't sure what it meant, sadly i didn't remember about the story right away. About a week after my dads passing, i would go to sleep and hear what sounded like coins hitting the floor. I kept asking my mom about it in the morning, if she heard ringing and `tinging` sounds because it was interupting my sleep. This went on everynight for about 2 months when finally one morning i woke up to discover pennies all over my floor! At first i thought i had a heart attack but then i remembered the story ``pennies from heaven`` I was so happy! I collected them all up and keep them in a pouch in my night stand. After that morning i never heard the coins dropping again but now i know what they mean and i know that my dad was sending me a sign that he will always be with me.
liveinhighheels liveinhighheels
Sep 17, 2012