Pennies From Barbie In Heaven

I lost my 23 yr old angel on Earth just two months ago. Since that time, I crossed paths with someone who asked if I had heard of "pennies from heaven".
I, still grieving, tried to go through her clothes, shoes etc.
One particular time I found a random penny, I was searching for her slippers...Not exactly sure what guided me to an odd place, I found them and lying next to them was a penny.
Now, I find them in places all around my home, and just kiss them and let Barbie know that they aren't going unnoticed.
God took his angel in HIS time. I do feel honored and blessed to have been chosen to watch her during her time on Earth.
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3 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Thank you so much. That's really nice to hear. I feel the pain in your words. Your story makes me think about my mom. It makes me want to call her more, just in case something ever happened to myself, she would know how much she means. I would want her to miss me just as much as you miss your daughter. I'm not religious, but, I know your daughter's spirit is watching over you and she will make a little more of the pain go away each day.

I just read your story after looking for more information and ideas on "pennies from heaven" for my blog posting at . My friend and I were talking about this a few days ago and when I spoke with a client afterwards this topic resonated with her also... I truly believe messages are left in many ways but we don't know what to pay attention to or when. Sometimes the heaviness of grief is too heavy to see the messages.

I wish you well and many more pennies in your life

im sorry. those are from her <3

Thanks for your response. I am so new to this site, but, when I clicked on your profile it amazed me as you remind me so much of my daughter. She was 23(her bd is Dec 17th---) loved all rock n roll(esp the Beatles, Guns n Roses) and animals were her thing. Hope your holiday is blessed. Again, thanks. Made me smile during the hardest time in my life. I truly appreciate the response, but, mostly, I did like that you seem to realize that you ARE lucky. Wise beyond your years. Take care.