Is My Father Watching Over Me

I was not close with my father. The last 2 months i had been wondering if he loved me or cared about me. Soon after that i kept finding pennies in the strangest places. I was feeling really upset and disturbed by it. I didnt know what this meant. The last penny i found last month hit home for me and i knew it was my dad sending a sign to me. A couple of days ago i asked for strength so i could help a friend dealing with his loss. I recieved 2 pennies within hours of eachother both of them falling from no where. I was still upset and at the same time had a overwhelming feeling of peace. I shared my emotional experience with my best friend and she told me about PENNIES FROM HEAVEN. I have never heard of this tale til today and it has made me feel that someone is there watching over me or at least listening to my prayers.
healme1989 healme1989
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

I feel the same way! It makes you just feel good! And I always feel the need to acknowledge my dad, sounds silly, but I just can't help saying "hi Daddy," right out loud!