He Drops Pennies In My Path

I lost David, the love of my life, my soul mate, my dream come true in May of 2012. It was sudden and unexpected and completely ripped my heart out of my chest. Someone told me several months ago that Pennies were from Heaven, I really didn't think anything of it until I actually started noticing more and more pennies in my path. Used to be I would only pick a penny up if it were on Heads, Lol...Child hood idea. But now, I look at it this way. David throws them in my path. When I find one, I pick it up and look up to Heaven and just smile and sometimes wink....as if to say "I am thinking about you too" I came home one day to find about 4 pennies scattered on my kitchen floor, which to my knowledge, I had never seen before. It was kind of cool. So, now when I find a penny, no matter where I am, it gets picked up and stays with me. I believe in Pennies from Heaven...without a doubt.
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I totally believe this...My sister-n-law asked her mom, "mom if you die during your surgery how will I know you are OK"? Her response was I will send you Pennies From Heaven. I will find pennies out of no where. Last night I was at a Festival with my friend, as I pulled my cell phone out of my small purse I lost 23.00 that I had with it along the way. My thoughts were well I need the money, but maybe a homeless person needs it more than me. As we were walking down the street a brand new shiny 2013 Penny dropped in front of me. I heard the sound of it and rand to pick it up..I said to my friend, Pennies from Heaven, it must be Janet. She just chuckled and I told her the story. two feet further, It happened again this penny was spinning for a money when it fell. The same thing shiny and 2013, we looked up all around us thinking someone was doing it. There was no one around, now I have two shiny Pennies from Heaven. I will see what the signs are and where it leads me..~God Bless~

My husband passed away 6 months ago and I have been finding shiny pennies in places that convince me that they are from him. Before he passed away, we would pick up a penny if there was one on the pavement, usually a parking lot and whoever picked it up handed it to the other. Now, I'm alone and don't get out much but the past couple weeks or so, I've found shiny pennies here in the house. And on two occasions when I got a drive with someone, there was a shiny penny in the vehicle I got on. Pennies from heaven are truly sent from a loved one.

This is beautiful:)