No Reason

I read some of the stories below, which are very cool and I believe! My story however, doesn't really have a reason, at least that I can figure out now. I was in the bathroom of all places, naked and in the dark, sitting on the toilet. It was 1:46 when I went back to bed. I had gotten up to use the bathroom and as I was sitting there I heard a "plunk". It was right beside me, and sounded heavy enough to be like a nut or bolt, and it stayed where it landed, didn't roll or vibrate, just one solid "plunk". My hands went right to my earrings thinking one fell out, even though the noise was too big to be one of them, I also checked my necklace and charms, all were there. Next I put my hand back to feel the flusher to see if maybe that broke, that was still there too. So I put my hands to the floor on either side of me and felt around but didn't feel anything. So finally I turned on the light and there was a shiney 2012 penny, heads up. There is no reason a penny would be in the bathroom, and I had no clothes on so it didn't fall off of me. I wasn't "creeped out" by it, just sort of amazed. I have no one in my family or friends or pets that have died or are sick, nor am I currently having any emotional issue or anything that I think I need reassurance for, so............. I hope I'm not jinxing myself! I did just get married, and we have been back from the honeymoon for a couple of days. I did redrop the penny, and everytime I dropped it it either rolled away or bounced off of the floor onto the rug, and there is also a heat register in the floor right there that I'm surprised it didn't fall into. I had to drop it from really high too to get it to make the same loud noise. It had to land just right for me to find it the way I did. Like most of you said, just too many details to be coincidence.
TinaShupp TinaShupp
51-55, F
Sep 25, 2013