My Dad Loves Me


When my Dad died, I was full of doubt as to if he ever really loved me. Like so many people my relationship with my Dad was not the best. I always wanted him to be proud of me, to be accepted by him. He was from a time of toughness and of never saying I love you. I loved him, and I knew it, but I never really knew if he felt the same and when he died the fear and intimidation I had of him seemed to be really weak reasons on why I had never pressed him for some resolution while he was alive. As a Deputy some seven years later and sitting in a town one evening I was listening to my partner on the cell phone talking with his son. I questioned him after he said good bye on why he didn't tell his son he loved him. He said that he didn't do that. I told him my Dad never told me either and it would have meant so much. I told him that I always tell my kids because I never want them to doubt it.  We decided to take our lunch break and headed to a McDonalds in the next town and this was immediately after our conversation about Dads loving their kids and letting them know. I always examine my change when I buy something and check for wheat pennies. It is only a wheat penny that will catch my eye; otherwise I don't give it a second look. I love finding wheat pennies but you just don't find them every day. I can go months and not find one. I ordered my food and when I got my change I checked and sure enough found a wheat penny. I examined it and I made out the date which was 1939, my Dad's birth year. I was floored by the timing of this and the rarity of the find. I had never found a 1939 wheat penny before or since this night. I don't believe it to be coincidental in any way but believe it was a message to me from Dad saying, I want you to know, I love you.......I’ve always loved you.

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Great story! What a nice way to let us know uh...Kitkat1958