I'm Not Surprised There Are Only Six Members In This Group

Lately I have become very fed up with my fellow Americans. I see they are lazy and love to point the finger and blame. The current economic crisis is the fault of Americans not paying their mortgages, their credit card bills, and their car loans. No politician is going to say it, although I did hear Obama mention it once in a rally. I ask where is the personal responsibility? Why do people have no shame? They blame AIG, They blame the democrats and the Republicans, They blame former President Bush. I never hear them blame the average American who was not responsible enough to say no to credit they could not pay back. Oh no poor people they've been laid off. Well yeah thats what happens when there is no more money to lend.

At work a woman came in and asked to apply for a job. I told her we were not hiring, but a company three blocks down had a huge banner up saying they were hiring. Her response to me was that Oh no I don't really want a job I just have to turn in applications so I can collect un-employment. I was angry. How dare you say that to me. I work fourty hours a week and go to school. Americans have become lazy and fast. It's no longer a shame to have debt to your name. I think people who have money should help those who don't, but those who don't should not take advantage of this. Thats where I'm conflicted. How can you tell who really needs help and who is just lazy? Then if the parents are lazy is it fair to punish children for it. If we denie them health care and food stamps we are no better than feudal upper classmen. I think in order to collect government assistance maybe we should make these people do something for society. I don't care if it's as simple as cleaning parks for recreation. If we're going to pay them we ought to put them to work. You can clean a park and watch your brood of children.

I dunno sorry for the rant. I'm just tired of working so hard and watching people around me act so lazy!!! They blame everyone around them for their problems. Like I said it's no surprise to me there are only six members in this group.

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you're an interesting read, keep it up.

well said we all could use a little personal responsibility its a shame we aren't really teaching our kids this these days.

No need to apologize for this. I, and I am certain many, many others, feel the same as you.<br />
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It does seem that the people of this country find it so easy to shift the blame of their circumstances to everyone else, rather than accepting the responibilty that it was probably a result of the their own actions. And I find it extremely aggravating that these "poor, downtrodden, mistreated" people expect society to bail them out, instead of knuckling down and doing it for themselves.

LOL .. thank you. It's scary how many people blame others for their mistakes