Appearance Does Count

I believe in plastic surgery. I haven't tried them yet i toyed with the ideas for the longest time. I imagine becoming more popular with flawless skin and voluptuous body. It is not really on the outside, what inside reflect outside. what's outside reflect inside. I mean, I know the consequences of plastic surgery, did my homework, I know how bad a plastic surgery could go wrong. Yet knowing , once in my life time i will be able to turn back the clock and become pretty outside again is a romantic getaway from the person I am now. Now that I am not grateful, I am so grateful, that i want to make my look better. I do believe plastic surgery is one way that I can explore and know.

cristaly cristaly
2 Responses Sep 19, 2008

It's something to think about. I would go as far as to state my personal opinion on plastic surgery (at least from what I have seen here in Salt Lake City). If it's something that you want and It will improve your life, then go for it. However, I think many people, men and women, can take it much too far. Some people expect perfect results and some people think plastic surgery is their own little key to happiness. Like anything else as an adult, be smart and responsible but do what makes you happy.

While there is nothing wrong with implants as long as they truly keep your natural beauty and cannot be identified as such. Never have understood women that have gotten the ones that are clearly not real, other than they have a need for attention. I am betting that as you explore with other men that you will find they find you beautiful all over. Obvioulsy, have not seen your pic, but reading your stories makes me think you are just beginning to be discovered and I bet you will have not trouble finding interesting men who find you great the way you are. You can always do it, might just want to allow your experiences to guide you awhile before jumping in.