Sister Wives

Ive watched that show and I love it because they seem typical and not like the "norm," for the abnormal polygamist lifestyle. However I don't believe religion condones polygamy. I don't believe in the lifestyle but am fascinated on why a women would want to let her husband sleep with other men or be involved like that.

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if you look to the bible you will find that almost every man has more than one wife.
You will find that David (who killed Goliath) had 7 wives and God gave him more.
You also find Jesus talking of 5 women becoming his wives in the marriage tent.
There are lots of passages condoning and showing this is acceptable in Gods laws.
There are no passages saying it is wrong.

Where would I find this in the bible?

might be easier to understand if you think of a relationship as being less about sex and more about love.

yes, there are times you know hubby is with another lady. but you also know that other lady cares about how you feel and would not do anything to make you upset. likewise the other woman is someone you know and care about and would not do anything to hurt her.

intentionaly causing one woman or another hurt in turn is going to hurt hubby, and if he cares (as he should), your going to feel it in your relationship with hubby.

also monogamy vs. polygamy, ... monogamy you can keep secrets, only sharing what you feel comfortable with your partner knowing what your up to, so long as your confident that they're not going to be hurt.

polygamy secrets like that can cause significant rifts in the relationship. it's not "good enough" to only be open to your partner "enough that they'll stay", you have to be open and honest enough that there is no doubt about your love and trust, and in turn they share and are just as open with you.

people talk about love and trust and acceptance with monogamy, then look at polygamy and think it's gotta be about sex. not even an affair is just about sex (that's what hookers are for). it tends to become obvious that most monogamist relationships trust is something given in small amounts and the relationship can still work.

loving and trusting your partner totally, completely, without reservation is a much bigger concern and priority in polygamy. if people were to do that with their monogamous relationships i'm sure marriage rates would have a much higher than 50% success rate, which is pretty low in my books.

kinda like saying "i only had to be open about 50%" and betting your relationship on that.

so don't think about it in terms of sex. but as a relationship.

I didn't understand how a woman could enjoy the poly lifestyle either.When my wife came to me about it and asked me to consider taking on the woman she felt was meant to be her sisterwife I was very nervous. When I agreed to spend time together with our family and her and her kids it was great. Over the next two years we were always spending time together going on day trips and going through daily life in general. We never had sex. We built a relationship built on faith, love and companionship. After we all moved into a newer bigger home together we made the move to sisterwives and it has been so great. . All I said to them was "I don't feel right telling you what to do so I just want you to work at being who you want to be. I will support it whole heartedly." So they decided to stay home and homeschool our seven children. Not all mine. She had three of her own before. Our home is busy. I love every minute of our new life together. I would never think for one minute of having anymore. It is just right the way it is. Now I am not nervous anymore. The poly life seems so normal to us now. Any questions?

I couldn't live the lifestyle because I'm selfish...I don't lie about that but a lot of people think of polygamy as compound, long dresses, marrying young girls off...which that one is not a good one..I watched the browns and I think that lifestyle works great for them.
I don't really have questions because I know a lot about them. Lol.

I can totally see your point. It is not a life style that is for everyone. Just so you know We are a modern style family. No homemade clothes and bonnets here. We act just the same as all the other families in our neighbourhood. I have always believed in helping the woman you love achive as much as she desires in life. My wife came out of school and went straight into a management type position for a firm in London. Her Sisterwife has her masters in music. They can do what ever they want and I will support it fully. Because my business earns enough money to look after things they decided to become stay at home homeschool moms. They have such a great time. I agree you need to know what type of person you are. If you don't think this life is for you,Thats great. It works for us. My brother inlaw is married to his gay partner. That is not a lifestyle I would want but they are very happy and I support their choice right?

Jodleacol, i have the same views and morals :)

I know. I understand it to a point. Like when I heard the show was coming out and I seen previews I was excited because they r portrayed different than typical polygamist families. He's legally only married to one but the other 3 r his wives too by say so. I like their family but I couldn't live like that. I'm not a big husband!