Celestial Marriage

In the beginning I believed in Polygamy or Celestial Marriage because of Joseph Smith who claimed to have talked with God.  (Brigham Young and others taught polygamy, but claimed to have received their knowledge of it from Joseph.)  Blind faith only goes so far and I needed more.  Reading John Milton’s paper on polygamy based solely on the bible was, to me, very conclusive in favor of it, but knowledge does not simply come from reading or listening to others.  In order to know one needs to take in information, examine it, apply it to some degree at least, and then to draw conclusions. 

The main point I figured was supply and demand.  Without polygamy some women would end up celibate, mistresses, or prostitutes.  Although some women might willingly take up a career as a prostitute I can’t imagining many little girls having hopes and dreams of attaining to the esteemed profession of prostitution.  The idea of women being deprived, wronged, or hurt wounded my soul, and good men marrying plural wives seemed to make sense.  It made sense until I fell in love with a young woman who told me it was unfair.  That in polygamy women had to deal with sharing, jealousy, and etc. while a man had none of that to deal with.  Her arguments were compelling to me, but so were the data and conclusions I had already drawn. 

            Answers to prayers do not always come, but my prayer about polygamy was answered when I saw two women working in a kitchen and  felt… I experienced… the love the two women felt for one another.  I know that polygamy can be every bit as good as that seen on Big Love… and better.  I was puzzled a bit as my vision of plural marriage had not included the husband, but my conclusion was that what I had seen was the critical element that made polygamy essential and monogamy archaic and failing.

            In reading a book on friendship I was astounded to read that women can love their best friend as much or almost as much as they do their lover.  I was astounded because I have never loved my best friend anywhere near the degree as the woman I loved.  It was also very interesting to me how women were used in helping to tame and civilize Australia, it being in their very natures.  This is understandable considering their gentle, compassionate, and nurturing nature.

            It was taught that our marriages could continue in the next life if we were worthy, but that the only qualifying marriages would be with plural wives.  One man and one woman would not qualify for marriage in the next life.  Why could this be?  Is there anything a man with two wives can do that a man with one wife cannot also do with a little more time?  If my vision was showing me more than just polygamy, but the true reason behind it then men are incapable of giving women all the love they need.  In some way men lack the understanding and or the ability to fulfill a woman in all the ways that a woman needs to be fulfilled.  There is evidence of women’s abilities and needs that transcend men and their understanding.  Most likely (if I am correct) women can feel and understand through their feelings that what I am saying is true, while men, if they are to get it at all, will only gain an understanding in part through their minds.  Women have it all in and through their hearts.

I think the scriptures say that the value of a virtuous woman is above rubies.  When I think of the value of women and what they can be it makes me almost want to bow down and worship them.  The thought of men having plural wives primarily for sexual purposes is so demeaning when there is an understanding of all that women are.  That many polygamous, monogamous, and bachelor men look at women as sex objects is fact, and reason enough for women to have the right to choose a man who can see her in all her beauty and glory.  This is why I believe in Polygamy, because when it is lived righteously it is “Celestial Marriage” indeed.

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Nothing is black and white. Sex with 13 year old girls, Polygamy. Let's get the guns out and fix things. Maybe not so fast. What if the 13 year old girl is deeply in love with a 14 year old boy who is ready to die to protect her, in a culture where the average lifespan is brutally short?

Two women deeply in love is very beautiful thing for some men to see. What if the man wants to protect them, be with them, share their love, and they likewise enjoy being physically close to him, his masculine scent, rough skin, strong hands, yet they crave the soft lips of their lover. They both want children. They want to share him as their husband. A man can get put in prison for marrying both of them.

Well average life expectancy in Swaziland is apparently 31.88 years according to a recent calculation. During a period of strife, prolonged civil war or famine, somewhere like that, you could expect it to be worse. Given that as a mean age, and the odd outliers like your relatives that live to 80 and distort figures, quite a large percentage must be dying in their teens, well before 18.

The meaning and purpose of marriage is the biological union that creates children and joins two families in blood. Marriage is not about "love" whatever that is. Polygamy has long been common in cultures where many men got killed in wars or otherwise ended up with a lot more women than men. Having one man take care of and breed more than one female insured that the population would be soon restored and be restored to a balance of men and women in the next generation. It was usually warlike tribes and cultures that were polygamous. Polygamy is not suitable for stable cultures that have an equal number of breeding age men and women.

Glad it's not legal in the united states. To many perverse men married 12--15 year old girls and then would take a whip to them for not pleasing him or refused his sexual pleasure.

I would be perfectly thrilled to have more than one husband; the one I've already got plus some very nice men I know - good friends - who I'm sure would fit into our lives, bringing their different skills with them. Having said that, I would definitely need more than one washing machine

I am also tired of random ppl thinking that if your polyiamist that means all the ladies are bi and having sex with eachother.

It should not be assumed, but in some families they are, but one should know the specific family to know such things.

Will you marry me?

You are married already it would be wrong for me to take you from him. but if you were single I would love to be a friend first and see where that goes

Dear Sir,<br />
Please get into my husbands heart and head and show him what you know. I long for this in my marriage, I long for him to know that there is more beyond this life and that there is more to marriage than he can provide, and that only when he allows GOd to guide him he will be give the amazing gifts, and I too will enjoy a deeper more person relationship with him in our marriage and with God.<br />
Thank you, <br />
A praying wife for the last 11.5 years

This is not about sex and everyone seems to make it that way it is about the unbreakable family bond

Polygamy is a natural, benevolent, logical, moral and sc<x>riptural way of life but mormonism is a blasphemous cult that should be avoided with great fear since their doctrine is that of unforgivable damnation. <br />
<br />

Some mormons still do, even if your particular sect of the cult doesn't. The LDS is the ESSENCE of a blasphemous cult doctrine of demons. JESUS IS GOD and THE CREATOR and ONE with YHWH and THE SPIRIT THEY share as ONE IS also GOD, ALL THREE are different aspects of THE SAME ONE supreme GOD. GOD was not created, satan and all humans were created. Satan is a fallen angel, not equal to GOD. Magic underwear is bulloney. The practitioner of witchcraft and false profit Joseph Smith was NOT more important than JESUS. People do not become deities. And GOD never ever ever ever ever had sex with anyone ever ever.

Your sect may not call them mormons, but that's what they call themselves and that is what they used to be called before your little schism came along. Either way both sects are following demonic doctrines.

Yeah, well those polygamist mormons are actually the remnant of the original mormon cult that existed prior to the sect that you call the FLDS. Your insults do not change the facts.

No mormon is any buddy of mine, but as far as mormons go, the ones you say aren't mormons are actually the founders of the demonic cult of mormonism and so therefore they are more mormon than anyone else, not that that is something to be proud of. You are so spoiled you think you can just talk reality into any shape you choose, but facts dont care what you say.

lol...... the Morman church was founded on lies and continues to perpetuate the lies of the founders. It is just as bad as the Catholic church in that they are false teachers ignoring the true words of God and leading their flocks over a cliff into eternal damnation. The Morman church has not practiced poygamy in 100 years is a lie..... and that church is just as full of lies as those that come from the vatican and the pope.
In the end times there will be many false prophets.

But that said Polygamy is not against Gods laws. In fact God and Christ both condone it. So why would the Morman Church go against God and follow laws of man over Gods laws.

It is a church of false teaching.... a church that teaches Gods laws doesn't have to change it's doctrine ever... as Gods laws are eternal.

To hear a Morman say we do not condone polygamy shows they do not follow Gods laws. The catholic church is just as bad allowing now Homosexual priests.

I can not see how any morman can ignore that their entire religion is based on fraud and lies..... I'm sorry you were duped but to know the truth and continue on that path following lies and false teachings will certainly lead you to eternal damnation. Burn the book of morman as it is lies straight from your founders hand the hand of a false teacher. Return to the word of God and get true translations.... become a seeker of the truth only and seek out the lies so that you can really save some souls.

Many false teachers will lead the people astray in the end times.

Well said and true Messengerhypnotist. Thank you for your courage and wisdom. To GOD be all glory.

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Live how you want to live I say, but I do think sex is pretty key to most people's marriage. I'm not sure many young men and women would say sex is a distant second to the feelings that make a man and woman love each other... but maybe you would, and maybe the women you end up marrying feel the same way.

ahhhhh..... sex.... I suppose she had better start breaking him into the idea of multiple husbands if sex is her first priority. <br />
<br />
It is rather interesting that of all things a couple can or cannot do, sex alone is the sole thing that is not allowed outside marriage, at least according to my understanding. Yet sex takes second, perhaps even a distant second, to the feelings that make it seem impossible for a man and woman to live without each other.

uh yep your understanding is wrong

in the bible sex can take place outside of marriage and not be a sin.

Adultery is a sin and adultery can only occur if a married woman sleeps with a man that is not her husband. If a married man sleeps with a single woman this is not adultery,,,,, if this unmarried woman is a virgin then he is to marry her and upon taking her virginity they are betrothed. Anytime a man has sex with a virgin they are betrothed and are to marry. Now women will say this isn't fair. well it is your punishment for eves actions allowing satan to seduce her. She is to have increased pain in child birth and she is to serve man.It is mans punishment for allowing eve to seduce him that he will have to work the land and labor all his days. Now for those of you who do not know the story of the garden of eden as it truely is. Eve had sex with Satan who conceived Cain then Eve had sex with Adam and conceived Abel. Twins of different Fathers.

Now for those women who say its not fair that a woman is to serve a man I say any man would gladly trade you positions as the responsibility placed upon men are far more difficult and demanding. We accept our place why can't you accept your position. You should be thankful that you do not have to go out and work. Oh right the feminist movement has made it so that women usually must work these days. The feminist movement is responsible for most of the worlds problems. The children are not being raised properly with morals and ethics because mom is no longer home. My God being a mother to your children is far more important than any job. When a man or woman is asked on their death bed what would they have done differently none say I wish I had worked longer or harder in their job. Almost all say spend more time with their family.

Now for those women who say its not fair that a man has more wives I say.
What you don't want any help? You don't want more free time? You don't want More caring and love? You don't want company?

The most common thing women who believe polygamy is wrong say when asked why they don't like it is they are jealous. Well Jealousy or envy is one of the 7 deadly sins. Envy is sadness or anger at another's good fortune.

If a man is truely great then the woman should be happy that another woman wins his affections. A true christian woman would be happy for her sister wife and happy that her husband will receive more love. Why would anyone who really loves another want to deprive that person of anything.

Next thing a woman says is why can't i have 2 husbands...... if it was not against Gods laws I would allow it. But the fact remains it is against the laws.

To be honest I feel it's easier to find a real christian woman this way because it takes a good woman to understand these things. The selfish women weed themselves out.

Whatchutalkinbout messengerhypnotist? Eve,having sex with the devil? I find that very hard to swallow, in spite of her single act of evil Eve loved Adam very much she was not like todays hussies, she was the original woman, even in her sin, far more pure and good and deeply connected to her Husband than most women today. I don't know where you got that idea but you can't just trust every piece of pseudo-apocrypha or human doctrine that come along. That idea may 'seem' to make sense to you, because of Cains nature, but remember, Adam and Eve also both sinned and they were both fully human. I think the idea of Eve fornicating with the devil is completely false and unfounded. As for the rest of what you said, it is mostly true, except this, women are not to submit and be under men just because of Eves sin, they were made that way anyway, Eves sin just made them potentially less satisfied in the arrangement, depending on their personal characters. GOD can have many congregations, men can only have one GOD. Men can have many women, women can only have one man, in the human solar system the sun may have many planets orbiting it, the planets may only orbit one sun. Two planets can be in close proximity and enjoy each other under the light of their star but two suns may not be that close as they are too radiant and would cause a cataclysm. GOD gives light to the sun, the sun gives light to the planets, they do not shine in the night sky with their own light, only the light they reflect from their sun. Women choose the sun they will orbit, then they reflect his light. Feminists and other degenerates reflect the light of their true husbands: the globalist social engineers that invented the false paradigm they have subscribed to and become entrapped within. This is why even weak liberal men cannot trust their feminist wives, in the heart of those women, they are loyal only to the evil overlords and it is their bidding will they do, all without even being consciously aware of it too. When the devil attacked humanity he quickly spotted our 'Achilles heel' - women. Mostly weak minded, vain, easily influenced, inclined toward selfishness and yet very influential over men through our instinct to possess and protect, our peculiar loneliness for the company of inferiors and our general pity toward the weaker sex. Attack the women, get them to betray and watch society decay. In wiser times rotten women were disciplined harshly and publicly (I do not advocate killing, but discipline is a must) and that set the precedent for a rational society, but today, Heaven help us...

I mean if her sexual drive was stronger than his, what does she do then? Without committing adultery?

That would be an interesting situation. If her husband couldn't handle her (and just how, or in what way is the question) and the wife wanted a sister-wife ... I'm lost.... you tell me.

Nothing wrong with multiple husbands. It isn't unknown in the world

That is all good and well but what if the husband cant even handle one woman? And its the wife who wants more????????