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It's Who I Am

Every since i was a teen i felt like ploygamy was the life for me. its just how i feel i can't really explan it.

janiceisdayna janiceisdayna 31-35, F 5 Responses Feb 6, 2009

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Dont need to explain it.You nurture by nature. In our opinion that is key in the poly dynamic

I don't know how or why but ever since i was a small boy i always believed polygamy was right. If you study history, ancient cultures and the Bible multiple wives has always been a way of life. I seek like minded women; I like strong educated independent women not afraid of hard work, home schooling children, farming, hunting, fishing. I also realize what i miss most is companionship and a large family. So my mind is made up i want to marry tender, caring and loving sister wives, that are looking too build a strong, secure, stable and loving home. I Believe in Christan values so I'm not looking for one night stands. I am setup to where i can afford to care and provide for all my wives including our children. My dream is to live in a ranch or farm setting.<br />
 <br />
"It's impossible." said pride.<br />
"It's risky." said experience.<br />
"It's pointless." said reason.<br />
"Give it a try." whispered the heart. ♥

i would love to be one of many wives but just don't know where to start or if they would take me

I want to be one of many wives

Well, the question then it, what are or have you done about it? Have you researched this out more? In today's society it has become a lot easier to get your questions answered, even on sites like this.