I Believe Positive Thinking Is the Biggest Challenge In My Daily Life!

I wish i could be more happy than sad, and i wish when i am sad id be really good at concealing it! I want to believe that all my problems in life comedown to the fact I am not believeing in the positive side of life and if it was true it would make sooo much sense and answer all my problems, but dailly my brain tells me its actually not down to that its because im an idiot!! I have been batteling this forever and ever and I am hardly ever happy and constantly worried with the next part of my life to come!!?? I analyse everthing and cant find the answers to my questions!? most of all i havent got many friends around me soo i believe this would make me happier..
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1 Response Feb 11, 2009

Dear,<br />
The problem is not about today, not about tomorrow, it is about much more "past"; it is about what happened in your subconscious; there must be something that you don't wanna remember, or you never thought about them, but some how they effect your life<br />
<br />
You have to think about your past. You might have some kind of difficult childhood, or youth, or some kind of bad experiences, bad memories. Maybe your family didn't give you enough value; if they didn't , you grew without learning how you can love yourself.<br />
<br />
Look, you have to check your back one time. Start thinking about it now. Take a pen and a notebook, write everything down. All the details...<br />
- what kind a mother your mom.<br />
- what kind a father your dad.<br />
- do you have brother or sister; what kind a people they are.<br />
- where are you living?<br />
- do you like your house?<br />
- how was your grand parents?<br />
- do you think, your parents gave you good enough love?<br />
- if you had a chance, would you like to change your parents with other people?<br />
- if you wanted to change; what kind of family you wanted to have?<br />
- when you look at a mirror; do you like yourself?<br />
- if you don't; what bothers you?<br />
- if you had a chance to change yourself completely, what kind of person you wanted, and why?<br />
- if today was your last day, to whom you wanted to call and say "I love you so much."<br />
<br />
You have to search about yourself dear! Just take a look your inner self. Tomorrow could be so good; only you have to fix your past.<br />
<br />
If you like you can send me private message.<br />
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