I Like To Keep This In Mind Everyday

When you feel you got no courage you can choose to fill your mind with negative and limited thoughts that will intensify that feeling, or you can use your thoughts to break free from it.

Your thoughts have an incredible power, they determine how you see yourself and how you see the situation you are submerged in.

Choose them wisely and you can discover a new positive energy, YOU CAN REVERSE THE NEGATIVE! Give your thoughts a turn to change your life.

The way you think about yourself and the idea you have of the world you live in make a big impact in how relate and deal with it.

In this and any other moment use thoughts that will lift your mood in abundance and to the fullest and certainly you will  give life to those thoughts.

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Here's a helpful website - www.thinkingpositively.co.uk

I like this piece.
It has a very strong point behind Thoughts Become Things!
It is food for thought.
A tasty morsel of thought.
Like a mental vitamin for the brain.

Exactly, it shows good results

Nicely said, I agree.

I often say that to negative and/or depressed people as well, buuut then they get angry lol.

I wonder why...

ha ha ha they don't get it.
Maybe you should use a different way to deliver the message lol

Like what? :P Anti-negativity? :P

whatever works best, maybe try to use some humor with it.

Yeah sure, make em feel like you're not taking them seriously hahaha.

I was thinking more like make them laugh, once in a good mood, that could be a perfect example of positivism & blah blah blah

I've discovered you either can't give them a good mood or they get mad lol.

lmao! XD ... is a lose/lose situation.
Well... you can't force them to think differently to what they are used to, unless they are willing to change.

True, but then they shouldn't whine. :P

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SilentWindows good point.


True because Thoughts Become Things.