Prayer Works

I believe in prayer because it has worked in my life over and over again!  was driving and had a terrible multiple-car-crash! There were at least 4 and maybe more vehicles involved; mine was one! My daughter, who was only five at the time,  was severly injured and given only 20 per cent chance of survival! She was on life support for over 2 weeks (they did not expect her to wake up for years if she did beat the odds)! She did!  Then I was told she would never walk or talk again (she was paralyzed)! She did! Then years later I was told she would be in a wheelchair by the age 12 (because of damage to her left side); she wasnt! We had many people praying for her/us; as well as fervent prayers said by myself! She became a mother of five; is very good at taking care of her children and her home!  She is a living miracle! And this is only one case; I will add more as I can to this site! I have so many! I do know that prayers in numbers (a prayer circle or prayer chain) works very fast usually and is a very powerful tool to speed healing! I ask tonight that you all join me in prayer for my mother and everyone she cares about or even is aquainted with; she is 84 and wants to be healed so she can live a quality-filled life; her life was so hard in her younger years that she never got to spend any time just being herself for herself and now that she can she is experiencing a lot of health issues that keep her from it!  Please ask God to help her live a lot longer and live a quality life (she says she is going to live to be 103 so that she can have more time to find out the truth about a lot of spiritual questions); that is the number of years she wants me to petition God for in her behalf!  Please join me!  Thank you all! 

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prayer in numbers does work well. i was in charge of our prayer group in church. people would call me with a prayer, then i would call my group leaders, who would call their people. at the end of the month i would check in w/those who we prayed for to see if their prayers had been answered. i would put a smiley sticker by the ones that were answered as we were hoping for. after 4 or 5 months i looked thru my book of prayer requests and was amazed at the number of smiley faces there were. i truly believe our prayers have been answered but some, of course, certainly not in the manner or space of time we thought they should be.

So nice,I am 81,Certainly will pray for your mom,i have some infirnities that keep me home a lot.Have learned to live with this older age,sometimes hard as i worked up to 72,always active,take one day at a time,some better then others,prayer keeps my spirits up.Am satisfied with what God deals out to me,No biggies anymore,Live in a big house with son and best daughter in law ever,No children here,have lots of offspring. wonderful God performed a miracle in your life,Sometimes He does,Prayed my hubby of then 40 years would be spared at 62,He took him,to what i call the;ULTIMATE HEALING'We have to remember HE IS IN CHARGE.The answer is sometimes NO,Cause He loves us and does what is best for us,i am praying for your whole family.