Real Psychics vs Fake Psychics

There are real psychics and there are fake ones. The phone line ones are generally fake. They are usually hired by some company that has a stable of readers in cubicles working in shifts. They give the 'psychic' a crash course in doing cold readings. This is when they pick up cues from the client and glean answers from them by using leading questions.

Client "I'm worried about my job." Psychic "Is there a man with dark hair involved?" Client "That's right! He's my boss." Psychic "And are those papers he's holding ?" Client "Yes! That's the contract I lost" And so on.

A genuine psychic won't ask questions. S/he will just tell you the impressions they are getting as they are coming in. Some may hear the information (clairaudient), some may see it (clairvoyant), some may just feel it (clairsentient).

Fortunetellers may rely on aids like tarot or crystal balls. This type of divination is considered less developed by some because the range and accuracy of information is limited by the medium. However , some psychics use these props as a jumping off point. I know one guy who scrys (does divinations) using cars. 

Pure psychics simply sense or receive information directly. Psychic abilities can be developed through meditation. People who seek to develop their skills deliberately usually do so to make a business of it.

However, there are meditators whose main goal is to develop realization and enlightenment. They experience psychic activity as they develop spiritually yet view it as nothing more than a by-product of their practice and therefore do not seek to reveal it to others or exploit it in any way. There is no 'wow' factor to it and they have no attachment to any psychic experiences they have. They are no more impressed by their psychic abilities (called "siddhi" in Vajrayana Buddhism) than they are by their other five sensory perceptions.

Then there are natural psychics who don't ask for their 'gift' at all and usually don't want it. It has simply happened to them, often after a traumatic incident has opened their 'third eye' activating their pineal and pituitary glands which researchers say are the command central areas for psychic sensory development. Or their gift may be genetic, handed down from a grandparent (some say it skips a generation).

Most natural psychics tend to keep their abilities a secret for fear of either having their powers ridiculed or exploited. They see their abilities as a burden or as a heavy responsibility, not as a means to impress people or to make a profit. At times impressions flood in on them. These natural psychics must learn to turn the flow off, rather than to turn it on. Otherwise, the constant flow of information and the burden of whether or not to share it can be exhausting.

There are many types of psychics; there are mediums who communicate with spirits of both humans and animals who have passed over (See my article on Pet Reincarnation: The Love Connection), diviners who sense water and sometimes oil locations, psychokinetics who move objects, remote viewers who specialize in seeing people, places and events at a distance and more.

It's all true. To say psychics don't exist is like a blind person claiming the lights aren't on. If you are unable to see, how would you know for sure? So I understand people who have doubts. They've never experienced psychic phenomena first-hand.

I'd also like to point out that having psychic sensory perception is neither evil or good just as the sense of taste is neither evil or good. 

You want to be cautious about being taken in by phonies, but there are those in every walk of life. A word about phone psychics: A more reliable way of getting a reading is to use an online email psychic service. They can take the time to let develop the impressions they get about your situation. It may take a couple days or sometimes longer, but they will email you back only the answers; no questions.

And a word about people who brag that they are psychic. They most likely aren't. You can recognize them as the ones who jump at the chance to claim that they are and then don't back it up. Real psychics have a 95% or higher accuracy rate. At least all the ones I know do.

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4 Responses Mar 21, 2009

I agree as I have come across few people who claimed to be psychics but were out there to make money by fooling.However, I heard from my elders that they had come across such people who had "real" powers.And Yes, Someone who does, will never charge anything for their help as that would be reducing their spiritual power, I believe this.
Great to know that there still exists such people in this world full of phonies. :)

I've heard of the guy who uses Hot-wheels (toy cars) for his readings. That made me think that he must have discovered his ability at an early age and started doing that when he was very young. I believe that people develop their own system. Some less common than others.

My grandmother was psychic, and as far as I know, she never charged for her services. The only time she did not work was during the Second World War, as many people went to her to find out what happened to their sons and husbands. The Nazis were rounding up people in the middle of the night, many never to be seen again. My grandmother stated it was too hard witnessing, through visions, their torture and deaths, so she stopped doing these readings. I learned quite a bit about psychics from my grandmother. Her son, my uncle, was a research scientist and I just helped him with writing his memoirs. He hand typed them and I scanned and transferred his work into electronic format. In his memoirs he mentions his mother's psychic abilities and although he sees himself very much the sceptic, he stated there were many times his mother was able to know things that he, to this day, cannot explain. It defies explanation, as my uncle put it. My grandmother had the ability to read minds and travel the globe and time, through visions. It was interesting talking to her. Never a dull moment.

I will sometimes seek out psychics, although I prefer to wait until I am recommended to a psychic. Usually a friend will contact me and suggest I try this or that psychic out based on their personal experience. Once a friend contacted me stating she had just been to a psychic and the psychic spoke of me. My friend stated that the psychic told her of a friend she had, an artist. My friend only know one artist, and that was me. She said the psychic described you and it matched. This psychic stated that I run a studio and was thinking about shutting the studio down. The psychic stated that my friend must convince me to stick with it and not give up. I stated that I do have a studio and just yesterday I decided to shut it down within the next month or two. My friend stated that her psychic said I will be needing this studio very soon for a new career coming up within the next few years. Don't shut it down was the message. Strange. Stranger still, I have seen 8 different psychics over the last 5 years and I get the same reading each time. I never give any input into my readings, my grandmother was very explicit about that. Never give any information to a psychic before or during a reading. Its their job to tell you, not the other way around. The last psychic I saw in February gave me the same reading again, but this time there was a difference. She stated this is the year you will be changing your career. You will need your studio, your knowledge and equipment very soon for this change. I had not told her up to that point that I had a studio; she just told me I had a studio. She also made two other predictions and these both came true within the following 10 weeks.

I have a friend who has a psychic on speed-dial. I would label her psychic as a phoney. When I went to see her, I had warning bells going off in my head from the moment I saw her. She seems to base her ability on intimidation and persuasion, and she then charges $300 an hour. My grandmother stated that the easiest way to pick out a phoney psychic was by how much they charge. By today's standards $300 an hour is far too much to be asking for a reading. The last psychic I saw charged $60 an hour and only charged me $45 because the reading didn't last a full hour. I had another psychic do this for me a while ago. When I told him how far I had to drive to see him, he only charged me $45 as well, from $60. His reading repeated my usual readings, but with a minor difference. He said my aura was amazing, very unusual, but he also pointed out that I am a giver, not a taker. He said I am a very different person from his usual clientele. Most people, he stated, want to know how much money they will make in the future, or even want to know a good lottery number, but you just want to know how to help people better -- that's very different, he explained. Shows you how naive I am -- I always assumed more people were here to help others, but as I get older, I am seeing this is not the case.

I have only had one phone reading in my life and it was quite bizarre and I put in aside in my head. About 15 years later I had a reading from a psychic, face-to-face, and she repeated the reading I had with the phone in psychic (I found a tape from the phone in psychic -- she mailed it to me afterward). That reading was about myself and my brother and why we do not get along. Since then, I have had two other psychics confirm both of these readings with the same information again. I find it funny that my readings, even 15 years apart, are often repeat. There is a theme running through my life, which in my case, is actually good. Despite the hardships I have encountered in my life, I do find myself laughing a lot. I find life very funny at times and am constantly finding the humor even in the dark moments and places. Maybe I should write a book?

Humour and helping others are the best way to lead a happy life. Good luck in your new career. x

Hi there, I am the Community Relationship Manager at and I have also worked online and off providing psychic services for over 15years, and I do agree, that there are alot of fakes out there, but there are also alot of honest and ethical readers too. I also agree that a true psychic will not ask all the questions, however provide the insights and information which she/he receive about the situation, without baiting the client.<br />
I have been on all sides of the industry; as a client, an advisor and working behind the scenes at so if anyone has any questions they can also feel free to contact me!