First Love

I am very content to spend very long periods of time with my mouth on a lovely bare mound of *****. Slipping my tongue in to like the ****, sucking hard on the lips. I can really enjoy that as much as I love a **** in my mouth. A **** only has a good taste when it's dumping ***, a nice ***** secretes a good taste all along. Love sticking my tongue up in the slit to slurp it out. Spread the lips wide so I can massage the entire area with my smooth shaved face. Oh yes I do love being a womans sex toy also.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Well said and I could not agree with you more. Though I must say I enjoy precum from a **** and then the ***. Both are nice but the juices from a smooth hairless ***** is so sweet and good.

Fabulous sweetie