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I never had anything remotely near "lots of friends" and I never wanted it. From a fairly young age I always just wanted to enjoy being with friends, the rest was......not interesting enough to care about for me.
That mindset never really changed much, it just matured a little. I don't feel the need to have friends around me all the time or to stay in touch.

I could poorly explain this in so many ways you'd end up spinning around with your head completely confused :3 I have that affect on people xD So instead I'll give an example!

I have a good friend from ....uhm in english? The last 2 years of my first school basically, when I was age 10-12. We also shared some classes later, we got along just fine and with some other friends. Our social lives grew apart but we never did. I see and talk to him maybe 2 times a year and it's great everytime. Why fix something that's not broken? He asked me a couple of times if it wasn't a problem to be friends like that and I simply told him: "If you want to stop being friends you're going to have to work a lot harder then use such a crappy excuse!" I think I made that crystal clear then and there, if it works it works!

I also have a shortlist of a couple of people that I can really relate to on a few levels, I'm a weird complicated person but some things just work , so I just go with it, over-analyzing it just takes all the fun out of friendship, and so does worrying about it. If it ends it ends, if I enjoy it I enjoy it, all the time people always spend on the way they SHOULD be friends it time wasted from actual friendship you COULD be having.... I guess that's the point I was trying to make :)

Hope I didn't go all confuse-ray-mode again
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Oh and.... for those people stuck in that logic....
If you want to make a mathematical approach to measuring friends then to all those "fools" that say they have many friends and proud of it "somehow" (seems to me more like insecurity) I say this: "If each friend you have counts as 1 then it is only fair to calculate the value of my friends by my standards as well" When I do that math I generally end up with a smile :)
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people that have too much friends are all too much concerned with the IMAGE AND FAKENESS,

not one of their relationships are FOR REAL.

I get the same idea about that!
Insecurity or that.... both seem pretty much a pride thing when you could have been enjoying the company of good people :)