New Definition Of Online Friend Needed !

Since the social websites have become a part of our lives, the concept of friendship has altered quite dramatically, whether it is facebook or even EP sometimes i witness like more than 1000 friends in profiles, which amazes me a lot that whether it is possible to do justice with 1000 friends even in one life time ?

I mean can a person with 300 or 500 or more than 1000 friends in her/his profile claim that she/he believes in quality of friendship and not quantity ?

i personally believe that there should be 2 categories, one is Friends and the other should be "Acquaintances" .... and for what i predict immediately 99% of our list will jump to the acquaintances part from friends.

Having friends in the list for the sake of just increasing numbers is in my eyes deplorable and i can seriously judge a person based on that.

Anyways, that was just something going through my mind, though i would share :)
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May 12, 2012