Today was Day 7 of 10 of my beach vacation. For the most part, you see the same people on the beach, but today was different. As we set up our "camp" (umbrellas, chairs, bogey boards, surf boards, etc...), I noticed a new family near us. I have a routine, apply sunscreen, AKA coconut oil, recline my chair and chill.

It was HOT today. I decided to go for a swim. I am terrified of the ocean. I'm an excellent swimmer, but the thought of the unknown brushing up against me doesn't sit well. Oh and ya know, sharks -- they CAN attack you! I got past all that and went for it. Grabbed my board and decided just to float, staying very close to shore and of course always scanning for those unknowns. My boys were very far out, catching waves as they are learning to surf. I enjoyed watching them from where I was, saw the determination and excitement in their eyes when they caught the wave and actually stood up on the board riding the wave -- even if it was only for a few seconds at a time.

During all this, I noticed I had some company. I later learned her name was Emily. A sweet little girl, no more than 8 or 9 years old chatting up a storm with me with her adorable southern accent while gripping to her board for dear life. I noticed she was struggling a bit and her excitement of talking to a new gal wasn't helping to catch her breath. I pulled her closer to me and told her we should swim closer to our "camp" since the ocean was pulling us away. We quickly became friends, she asked me lots of questions and then said, my granddaddy won't come out here and show me how to surf.

Her accent was so darn delicious - I knew she meant bogey boarding and not surfing so I decided I would teach her. I could see her entire family watching (enjoying their cold ones on the beach, spectators, really). The first good wave was coming our way - I said to her, OK now when I say go, you get those kickers going and I'll give you a good push. She insisted I do it with her. I did! Oh it was such a great wave! She was giggling and it got me laughing too. We were giggling so much that the second wave knocked us over just as we were trying to stand up. After removing sand from all my unwanted places, we did it over and over and over again. Her family thanked me as I exhaustedly exited the ocean for a break.

Sometimes, being distracted by someone unexpectedly is a way of coming to terms of your own fears. I made a new friend today - her name was Emily and I hope to see her again on the beach tomorrow!
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I teach surfing, and paddle boarding. Nothing's better then the smile you get for teaching them

She definitely made me smile, a very sweet girl she was. She made me smile, too :-)

Ya that's what it's all about!!! Good job!

Thanks :-) Wish I was back there now!