For Those Who Want It

I had did some wrong things in my life... namely, being abusive towards myself. I use to cut and I tried to take my life several times. At one time, I tried to drown my sorrows in alcohol too... but got scared, when I realized that I was becoming dependant on it. So, I had quit that habit fast! :-o

I had wanted redemption for the bad things that I had did. So, I simply changed my patterns and went searching for it. I did good things for others, without any catch to it. I don't expect friendship or any reward in anything kind that I do... I only ask to not be kicked in the teeth for the kind deed. Which, I think is only fair! :-)

I began to not place blame all on others and to own up to my part of things. And to be more kind to myself. All along, asking my Gods to forgive me for harming myself and denying them. I think I have gotten forgiveness and grace too. So, I do believe that redemption is possible for all. No matter how bad the crime, no matter what Gods you believe in (or even if you don't believe in any Gods), you can be redeemed. If the person really wants it, it can happen. :-D

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

forgive others,forgive yourself.we all have inperfections.try to find peace within you.that part of you was in pain,find someone to talk to that you can trust.and above all ,try to be kind to sounds like you have found a way to cope.and i am glad to hear that