I Don't Remember

Unlike more believers in reincarnation, I don't have any past life memories. I jsut have a knowing, somewhere between instinctual and common knowledge. I am a spiritual being, I usually exist in a non-corporial state - when I'm not living a life in the physical world. I can sense, feel the energies of others. I can almsot see it, though it's not exactly visual. it's hard to explain. I know we have an aura, even science knows that. To science it's raidiant heat/energy that living things expend. To me, it's that and it's energy, energy that comes from within the person, animal or thing. All living things have life energy in them, it's what drives their being. I can also feel the energy of a person deeper than thier aura. There's a spirit there, I know it. And I just know it can leave the body and move on if it wants to and can figure out how. I don't think everyone reincarnates, it takes a certian level of spiritual awareness and strength. most low level life forms probably don't reincarnate nearly as often as humans and animals for example.

I know I'm not human, I've know it all my life. I don't think what I am even exists here and now. And I've known other ike me, enough to convince me it's not just a dellusion suffered by some crazies. we are all deeply spiritual and highly intelligent, those like me to whom I refer. I think we've chosen to incarnate as humans now for a reason. But none of this is why I believe, the main reasons as I said, are what I can sense and what I instinctivly know

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i always loved earth, before humans became dominant. This is my home on this plane, but my actually place of origin is on the non-physical plane. I'm a spiritual being here mostly for the experience, and to keep an eye out

where do u think u are from if u are not a human soul?<br />
i watched this rad video on youtube, an interview with this guy, a writer, who knows he isnt the same asa the rest of the human race, had visions, or real astrial trips i mean with ETs he felt a strong connection to like they were his family he said. also he just knw sense he was a kid. he said many of these souls are incarnating at this time, more than ever but he didnt say why. too me i think its to lift the human race up to its potential, lift us up out of this disconnection from each other, and destructive confusion. also just for their own spiritual knowledge and experience on this rare planet. i read these trusted words one day that really stunned me and twisted my mind around and through what i know of human morals, culture, the way we rule each other, our barely existant responsibility and care for all on this planet, what is most important to us based on the action taken by everyone, "earth is one of the hardest harshest planets in the universe to be incarnated to". crazy shiiiizzzz!!<br />
-alexa dennis

My sister and I were sitting with a dog that had been hit by a car and it was dying. My sister had her hand on the dog and as it died she felt a whoosh as it spirit left its body. <br />
I look at people and know they have that astral spirit inside of them and I have felt mine move twice. Both times I had just woken up and it was amazing experience, the second time I could feel my astral body that was vibrant and very different from my outer body. I believe it may have a lot to do with the inner spirit or the good thoughts type of thing. Its hard to explain, but I have been trying to astral travel for awhile and also recently read that often when you are about to astral travel you start to vibrate. I could get that happening and was amazed it seemed easy, just concentrate and it starts to happen, but then the other day my partner and I had a huge huge argument and I think my bad thoughts of him put a stop to any attempt of astral travelling for awhile as I now feel stuck. Does that make sense.<br />
<br />
I also know that we reincarnate, I have seen and heard too much to believe otherwise.

When my auntie died, my mum was outside her hospital room smoking when she felt an invisible "whoosh" like you describe. When they returned in she was gone. I believe that death is not final, and like you I've also heard fantastic evidence for reincarnation.

OP, not everybody remembers their past lives with some certainty. Some don't even remember at all. I recommend a regression to see what your past lives were. I've also heard accounts where people went to heaven and asked somebody to help them remember their past life with fantastic results.

Are you sure you have no past life memories? It doesn't have to be like a clear memory? It could be just a little thing that you remember but no one else remembers in your family. Also have you ever met someone that you felt totally comfortable with from the very first day? And that for some reason the other person felt the same way as you? That is a past memory they are slight visions. I am a very strong believer of reincarnation! I grew up catholic with it's actually a sin to believe in it. I have had memories from past lives with the same family members, because I have read that you are returned in your same circle.. Which is kind of comforting?? That's if you get along with everyone in your family??? I would love to talk to you again.