Holocaust Memories

I believe strongly in reincarnation.
I have ever since I heard of the theory.
In middle school, we began learning about the Holocaust of the Jews in the 1940s. While learning of this, I began to have nightmares that I was a Jew being chased by the Nazis and I had to keep moving to find places to hide.
In one of my dreams, I was found and taken to a concentration camp. It all felt strangely familiar. The horror and the pain I'd felt before. Then, I began to think.. Why is this affecting ME so much? Why am I having these horrible nightmares that seem so real?
What if, in my past life, I was there?
I've always had a fear of being persecuted. Much like Jews were by the Germans.
I can remember as a child being afraid of being locked in a room. I could never close my bedroom door or the bathroom door wherever I was. I think this could have come from being locked in a gas chamber.
Stories about the Holocaust affect me so deeply, I know I had to have been there.
Arielove67 Arielove67
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 31, 2010

I feel like I was too. I've had nightmares about the Holocaust, I think I might've even had one at a very young age when I had no vocabulary to describe it. I kind of feel haunted by not knowing if I actually was, or if I'm just imagining it. And if I actually was murdered in the Holocaust, I hate not being able to remember but still feeling the pain left over from it.