Past Lives -jack The Ripper

I had a spiritual awakening 6 years ago , and made contact with the spirit world , i joined a psychic development circle and developed my gifts.

in that time i became aware of all of my past lives, over a 6 year  period.

2 of those lives had a close connection , william wallace , and jack the ripper, a.k.a prince albert victor

my spirit guides helped me to heal these past lives, and to understand there reasons , at first i was sickened at being told i was jack the ripper but i got used to it , and dont feel so ashamed any more becuase i had the help i needed to understand my actions in that life.

in 1305 william wallace , guardian and high protector of scotland was murdered by torture , in the smithfeilds area of london , his executioners showed him no quater as they tore his body to peices,

i made contact with the spirits of the deceased , those of the tortureres, william wallace jack the ripper and the girls he killed , over over a six year period this is what i learnt as i healed the painful emotions that were causing me great unhappiness in this life.

jack the ripper was a royal prince , he was sexualy abused by his farther the king of england , and exagerated his homosexuality to please his farther that he feared very much ,
later on in life he would become a a cross dresser going to transvestite clubs and having sex with men , but not only this he also had incestous sex with his mother ,brother and queen victoria .

one day he met annioe crook, and married her in secret, she would later betray him , with another man, prince eddy caught her in the act with another man , he decided to spy on her and follow her movements, eddy was already prostituting himself in whitechapel as a gay transvestite, having sex with men ,not for money but for pleasure , he was already rich so he did not need the money.

already dressed as a woman eddy became friends with the 5 victims plus his wife who was unaware the transvestite with her was a prostitute, and he listened to them all in the localpubs one night all were sat together in a pub and eddy over heard a plan from annie crook to blackmail her husband ,
she told that she was married in secret to a  royal prince, and was going to blackmail him and asked the girls to help her, they all agreed.

eddy panicked , he knew it would be bad for him and the monarchy ,if the public found out so he told his farther who was a high ranking mason, the masons including queen victoria, and they decedid that the girls were to be killed , eddy was told it was his mess , so he had to do the killings ,

eddy turned the girls against each other offering each of them in secret a large sum of money ,more than they would ever have if they lured the other girls to him, each girl betrayed the other, but each were led to there deaths , eddy had hoodwinked those girls who were all to ready to hoodwink him.

one by one he killed them, people ask why he was never caught and i shall tell you , becuas chief inspector warren and inspector abeline were al;l masons and were helping eddy giving him alibies , and doctoring witness reports and paying people to lie ,

the police never stood a chance , there two top men were helping the killer they sent there police men out dressd as woman trying to hoodwink the ripper thinking he was dressed as aman , and all the time the ripper was dressed as a woman , chief warren also helped kill the girls with eddy and even filmed the killings on an old fashined cam corder.

after the killings eddy saw the ghosts of the girls , he was already dying of a.i.d.s from allthe unprotected sex that he had , and was terrifed to see them come back and haunt him they scared him so much that he went to doctor gull for help, doctor gull put him into a trance and eddy spilled the beans about him killing the girls in hypnotherapy,
doctor gull put eddy in a mental instituion , and told queen victoria the news of what eddy said she swore doctor gull to secrecy and paid him for his silence and made him aware of the damage it would do to the monarchy , gull agreed and eddy was eventualy brought back to the palace, where he was put to sleep by doctor gull on queen victorias orders,

gull went to eddies room and said he was giving him an injection to help him , it was poisen ,eddy rose from his bed and said what ever you gave me worked , i feel better, gull did not listen so he called gulls name ,again no answer then eddy turned and saw his dead body on the bed, and realised he had been killed .

eddy followed gull downstairs, were he watched all the masons and royal staff in one room , he listend as all staff were sworn to secrecy as they were told that eddy was the killer, and offered cash payments,
eddy was shocked to hear the betrayle from his family who all plotted against him to save there own skins and clear up any loose ends,

eddy then sawm what he thought was two angels , they beconed him over eddy thought they were angels but as soon as they got close they grabbed eddy and changed form into the prostitutes that he killed , and they dragged him into the shadows, eventualy letting him go where he haunts the london uinderground and the london dungeons,

there was two reasons for the killings the initial reason was to protect the monarchy , buit the real reason was to pay the karmic debt from over 600 years earlier, the girls were the reincarnations of the men that tortures wallace they cut off his sexual organs , cut off his head at the neck and gutted him taking out his internal oragns and leaving him deisplayed in the street.

so william wallace reincarnated as prince alber tvictor 600 years later and did the same to the girls , taking our there irgans taking there sexual oragans and cutting them at the neck.

karma repaid, in this life that same soul incarnated as me clifford cook ,i brought both wallaces energy and eddy with me , and i suffered for many years living in lonelyness and being rejected by people becuase i closed my heart to those girls , people thought i was weired and if im honest i am inclined to agree , but the angels have healedme greatly over the last six years and i am becoming more and more light and kind.

and stronger, i had a lot of karma to pay off , but it will all be worth it in the end i wish to bring this story to film to reveal tyhe truth to the world .
36-40, M
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You're spirits are on crack.

People have a right to believe in re-incarnation. The Author of " 30 years among the dead " was a medium who believed the dead spirits come to a person, and that can confuse people to think they are reincarnated.Some Mediums might be more interested in getting money for " Readings " So one needs to go to a group of repute for help. I dont feel you were reincarnated just sensing " Earthbound spirits " However we must find the truth for ourselves


One more thing. The EARLIEST documented case of A.I.D.S. was recorded sometime during the fifties.

I have to say this. Your story is the wackiest thing I've ever heard. The Duke of Clarence was 2 months premature. His birth may have contributed to the fact that he was very slow. At school when asked to read his tutors realised he could barely read & didn't understand the meanings of the words he was reading. He was always considered the stupid one. He didn't have much to say He had no interest in anything to speak of. This guy was just plain dull without the sense that God gave a goose. <br />
<br />
The idea that Eddy slept with his father and Queen victoria is so patently absurd i won't even dignify it with an answer. He was not homosexual either, He was bi- sexual..He was caught in a scandal involving a male brothel where he was named as one of the clients. Queen Victoria sent him to India four seven months until the scandal died down. Victoria herself helped quash the incident in order not to sully the monarchy.<br />
<br />
He secretly married a commoner & had a child named Alice margaret Crook. The mother was considered entirely inappropriate because she was a Catholic as well as being extremely low class. Yes there have been rumors pointing to him as Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper was a genius, a mastermind. The Prince was as dumb as a dirt clod. The theory has also been disproved because at one point he was in Scotland . other times he was on royal engagements visible to crowds. He could not have been in two places at once. As for a camcorder; are you on crack? I believe he died in the late 1880 or early 1890's.'s Moving pictures weren't even invented then much less camcorders.<br />
<br />
As for his death, there was an influenza pandemic at the time and the Duke of Clarence caught a bad cold which later turned into pneumonia. His mother and Queen Victoria attended him AT ALL TIMES. There was no opportunity for a doctor to inject him without being discovered. What shot would he have been given? Penicillin had yet to be invented, laudanum was strictly an oral suspension & ether was put over the nose.<br />
<br />
Exactly how did you have your spiritual awakening. If you were aided in any way the person was a charlatan.

My sentiments exactly. Patricia Cornwall probed beyond a reasonable doubt that Jack the Ripper was actually a portrait artist.