Finding This Truth Gave Me Peace of Mind

I struggled with Christianity and the hypocrisy of it all in my own life for years and years..I was raised in the Christian religion and bought into all of it without question.  When I became an adult and noticed that GEE I wasn't "filled with the spirit" after a revival, I didn't feel I was a child of God, I felt GUILTY and WORTHLESS;  Why didn't God love me?  Why didn't God change my life and give me peace....????  Through a long time of searching about religion and what made sense to me I found an answer that took away my guilt, my fear and the sense that my life had no purpose...
I KNOW that I have lived before, and I know that this existence is temporary, that I will go home again, that I will see my father, my grandmother, and all the people that meant so much to me here, and not because I was good enough to get into heaven, but because we all came from there to learn, to evolve, and when our lessons are done here, we go back.  I believe that all the great people of history, i.e. Jesus included were very evolved souls who came here to help and enlighten with spiritual truths that are eternal not just related to one religion or another.  I think their words and intentions were twisted by people who wanted to control others...they weren't evolved but had their own lessons to learn as do we all...this gave me hope, and peace.  I have important things to do here and when I am finished I will go home and be in perfect peace with all those I love...I think we all come from the same source spiritually, each of us has the divine spark if you will.  Thats just my opinion.
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1 Response Feb 1, 2008

yes yes yes YES YES! you actually get it, cool :) so few do!