I Was Here At The Beginning

I can remember my first memory was coming down like a shooting star. I remember choosing my parents and seeing my mother pregnant, i was the last child, i would tell my mum about a motorbike my father had with a side car which they sold before i was born. I can recall being in Egypt i was a child slave. I dont think i have lived before, I have lived before.  I would dream dreams with so much detail as a child about things and places i had no knowledge of, but since have found to be  fact. I told my father that i remembered him being beheaded by an executioner i was under 5 years old. I experience experiences that i know i have already been through sometimes i know whats coming and i can go to a strange place and know it despite never being there before...in this life. Its hard to put it down to anything else apart from the fact that i have lived before and will no doubt live again.
queenlion queenlion
41-45, F
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I perceived.