Drummers In The Rain

A few years back, during a very hot summer day, my wife and I decided to take in a movie after work. The problem was we were working downtown and the theater was in the suburbs, just over an hour away. The bus stop was eight blocks from where we worked and to catch the bus, we would have to leave work exactly at 5:30pm, and then run to make it as it came by about 2 minutes later. Luckily, we worked at the same location. We just managed to catch the bus, but then it was an hour long trip, standing up, in the high heat of summer, through rush hour traffic. When the bus reached its first destination, we had to get off and run to make our next bus connection, and from there, it was a short five minute ride to the theater and a three block walk, or should I say run. We arrived with just 20 minutes to spare.

We found seats, and while my wife ran off to get popcorn, I started to take in my surroundings. The theatre was cool compared to the stifling heat outside. I was exhausted and covered in sweat. Didn't think we would have made it but we did. I noticed the light conversations around me and the soft music coming from the hidden theater sound system. I leaned back, closed my eyes and slunk down in my seat.

Suddenly, I could hear heavy rain and a faint drum roll. I remember thinking that was very odd. The sky had been clear blue all day and also very hot, and yet, I could hear a heavy rain falling. Where was the sound coming from and what was the source of the drumming? I saw myself walking down a corridor with white plastered walls. There were light dirt smears at knee height along its course. It occurred to me that this was a breezeway and I could hear my footsteps on stone. I looked down at my feet and saw I was wearing white pants with knee high black boots. The surface I was walking along was made of stone and I became aware of the sound of boots behind me. I was leading a procession of people down this corridor. Ahead I could see light coming from an open doorway around the corner to my left. As we walked the drumming and the sound of the rain grew louder. When I rounded the corner, I realized I was in a farm. It was a European style farmstead with high white walls, red tiled roofs, and an open courtyard with an open gateway at the back. The instant I came into view, someone barked out an order in what sounded like German. The courtyard was filled with rows of Grenadier soldiers. In one single unison, all the Grenadiers snapped to attention, clicking their heals, and did a "present arms". Very impressive to see, actually. Rain was falling heavily and I saw to my left, as I viewed the Grenadiers, four or five young drummers pounding away on their drums. The drummers couldn't have been more than 14 years old. The front most Grenadier I focused on had a thick black moustache and had his hair tied back in a short ponytail. Although I haven't studied this time period very much, I am familiar with it. This was all correct, and quite typical of Grenadiers from most nation's armies.

The Grenadiers wore uniforms from around 1740 and 1762 (I looked it up). They appeared to be Austrian, although I have been told that French Grenadiers looked very similar. However, I do not feel these men were French nor Prussian (Prussian uniforms were dark blue, whereas these fellows wore mainly white). In the vision, I felt I was Austrian. Their uniform jackets were white, with white pants (matching mine), white waistcoats, white belts, silver or gold buttons, with black spatz and black boots. They wore mitre style black fur hats with silver or gold face plates. The regiment had orange/salmon colored facings and cuffs, which, if I had the right reference book in hand, and knew the time period, could tell me what regiment this was as each regiment was assigned a unique facing/cuff color. The drummers wore identical uniforms, only smaller, but on their sleeves, they also had several strips sewn on, in the same regimental facing/cuff color, denoting that they were musicians. Because these were Grenadiers, and by the looks of it, a full company, this could have been the regimental colonel's personal bodyguard. Grenadiers were considered "elite" soldiers, and as such, only the strongest and tallest available men were recruited. Usually, as I understand, each full regiment had two such companies of men, numbering between 80 and 100 or so men (battles and disease can reduce this total during a campaign). A single company was often used as the personal bodyguard of the regiment's colonel. It was early morning. The entire company had waited, in the heavy rain, until it was time to march off. At a signal, the drummers started drumming, their colonel came out, with his support staff in tow, the guard did their salute, perhaps the colonel addressed his junior officers and men with a short speech or salute, and then they would march away to look for trouble. I was an Austrian officer and this was apparently my regiment. This could have been a scene of my life during the Silesian Wars (1741-1745) or the Seven Years War (1754-1763), or even from an earlier period, all presented in full HD color with sound. I do not feel this was the Napoleonic period (1799-1815) because I have little to no interest in that time period and the uniforms were "baggy", which contrasts sharply with the Napoleonic period's tighter fitting, or more form fitting, uniforms.  Fashions do change over the years.  I am not really sure what triggered this memory. I have never had a memory from this period before, nor since, and although the period has always been of interest to me, I have never studied it in depth.

In an instant, I was back sitting in the movie theatre. I could hear the same quiet conversations around me with the same music coming from the hidden theater sound system. No one noticed where I had been or what I had seen. The drumming and the rain had stopped. The vision had lasted about 10 seconds.
The above image (center figure) is very close to the Austrian Grenadier I saw in the vision. I never did see the uniform I was wearing, but I was wearing white pants and black knee high boots, which corresponds with what Grenadier officers wore during this period. My boots did not have the buttons on the side as they were one piece (again, this was regulation officer issue or what officers were expected to purchase and use in the field) -- the soldier (image) above is wearing spatz over his boots, which required buttons. The regiment I saw had orange/salmon colored facings and cuffs, while the above soldier is sporting red facings and cuffs. Orange/Salmon was a color used in most armies of this period, especially in the Austrian army.

This time period has always been of an interest to me, from as early as I can remember.  I feel, as souls, we are drawn to the time periods we once lived, with some of those lives, especially if it were traumatic, with issues still to resolve, calling out to us for their attention.  If they were important or enjoyable lives, these lives, or time periods, may be  in foremost center of our subconscious, attracting thought and dreams.  My two more important life times seem to have been the First Crusades and the American Civil War, but I can map out other time periods I have lived by how much they interest me.  I have many memories of past lives, some lives create more memories than others.  We are have had similar experiences, so in many ways, this is not unique.

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I am sure we can experience other soul's experiences, although I feel our own are closer to home with us. I have read that we are a collective consciousness so perhaps we share more often than we think or realize.
What does surprise me is that it seems some lives are accessible easily, while others are never felt or seen. I have read that some lives leave residual effects upon us that must still be worked out, although most of what we must work out can be done in the spiritual realm. My life in the Crusades has always been felt throughout this life -- there is great sadness attached to this life, which is something than I feel needs to be worked upon, although I am at a loss to know just how to go about it at this time.

Wow. First, I have to say you are a gifted writer in the way you tell a story. Also I am not very studied on time from a scientific standpoint, but I have come to my own personal belief . Everything that will happen has already happened, and we can see glimpses of things that have already been. I am glad there are other people out there who share their experiences with similar events. I have told one person about my past lives experiences and did not get a great reaction. I have also considered the possibility that since we belong to a collective conscious that people can experience or see parts of that consciousness through other people since we are not really separate, but one whole. Whatever the case may be, I have seen myself as being other people in different times and places and it is very real to me.

As a writer, I feel I have a long ways to go. My English teacher in college said at best I was a C+ student. I have friends who are writers, with one being a full time writer. She writes novels and works fora local newspaper as an editor. One of her novels was on the New York Best Seller list. When I have done serious writing, I usually hand over my work to a friend, who also writes for a living. I am OK, as a writer, but cannot write for a living. I have been told by several psychics over the years that I will one day write a book. One even said that that it will be helped along by an editor. The last psychic I saw stated this again and put a five year date on it. When I asked her, "What will my book be about?", she just laughed and said, "Your psychic experiences, of course" I hadn't discussed this with her at that point. I will have to start meditating so I will have more to write about. I think at best, I only have a handful of chapters.

Indeed. Time does not truly exist. This is why I have my verse "time's linear motion is a corporeal notion" on my profile. The way it was explained to me: "Time does not move...consciousness does." And yes, our minds are trained to think linear. So grasping the totality of simultaneity is a tough call. Even past lives, as it were, can be lives currently being experienced by "us" on another plane. How do they say it? All that exists is NOW. I think Kahlil Gibran had a handle on it when he wrote this in "Garden of the Prophet:"
"And forget not that the years which turn seeds to forests and worms to angels belong to this NOW, all the years, this very NOW.
And what are the seasons of the years save your own thoughts changing?..."
Hey, perhaps we could coin a new term right here on EP, in a futile attempt to label this phenomenon: transmigrational multitasking. (chuckle)
I have endeavored to capture some of this thinking in my own poetry, and in the year 2000 I think I got close with these verses in "Forever Wherever:"
Our souls are extended
Throughout a simultaneous now.
Forever wherever,
Limited only by what imagination
Will allow.
We are but a channel
Within the omnipresence of God.
Extending, befriending,
Everywhere, everywhen...
The sails of love unfurled
On seas where we've always been.
The eddies and currents
Of wherevers continue to flow.
Stardust laden waterfalls
Of lives spilling into the ecstasy
Of His reason for us to know.


Since time does not really exist, we are really acting and reacting at the same moment. The paths of our lives and the possibilities of other paths, in the dimensions, is hard for us to grasp, as humans. Our minds cannot grasp it entirely.

Personally, I believe I lived those lives. Back in August 3rd, 2010, I went to see a psychic and at the end of her reading, as I was leaving, she suddenly stopped me and paused... then she told me of the five most important past lives I have recently had. She said, "You were in the Crusades as a knight. That was a very important life for you. Your next important life was in the middle ages as a sailor... you drowned in that life in a storm. That is why you fear sailing to this day. You also fought Indians in the 1700s and you in the American Civil War and you also fought in World War One". I looked at her and said, " I know... I know, I am never allowed to forget". For me it is another confirmation of what I remember, and because of this, it also confirms my other visions and feelings.

One of the reasons meaning lies in people and not in words. Recall like this is extraordinary. The truth lies in the experience, and no one else can ever have your level of certainty. There are theories that on occasion we "transect another path" we have (or currently are) experienced and we feel the experience is not "ours." Time has no relevance in simultaneous reality, so ask youself if THAT version of you ever saw or experienced YOUR reality? Spooky, isn't it?

I never saw myself in the vision, but instead saw everything through the perspective of my own eyes. I suppose it is possible that I could have been shown an event from the perspective of someone else, but it did not feel this way. In all my visions, I am seeing everything through through the perspective of myself, not as a third person, for example from an overhead view. With regards to my vision of the First Crusades, the vision was definitely from my perspective as I recall what it felt like seeing everything from within a full faced helmet, seeing through an eye slit. I remember how hard it was to suck the air into the helmet, and the feel of sweat. This vision was accompanied with very strong emotional feelings of regret and guilt.


The movie theater where I had the vision was built in an area that never saw a settlement or habitation. I knew someone who knew the area from the 1950's and was told it was a forested swamp before the mall was built. Even after the theater was built, I remember across from it was swamp where you could hear the frogs croaking at night, in their thousands. At best, it may have been an area occupied by native Indians, but, because there are no streams nearby, this is unlikely as it is too far inland to have been a place of choice for native Indian habitation.

... MAYBE the movie theater was situated on a old battlefield,
some ghosts messing with ya... ROFL...

Yet I wonder there is a belief that all is one,
so if this was a soldier ghost messing with you,
then does it really matter if it was YOU OR THE GHOST?

i MEAN what does it all matter,
if all lives are ONE,
WE ALL LIVED EACH OTHERS LIVES according to that belief,
so we were all so to say "soldiers"...

and should apply that knowledge to our daily living,
or in struggling situations....