Reincarnation And Me

I have only recently developed my opinions on being reincarnated, I am still struggling with whether or not I am and most importantly what am I an incarnation of? I normally project positive idea's to myself on the matter, yet there are other times I wonder if it is just delusion.

I fear at times, what if I'm not an incarnation of something good... what then? Do I wait until the truth is staring me in the face, Do I just carry on and live life as though I know nothing about this potentiality? Hard to say what one does when facing a possibility they may be the very thing they've always worked against.
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You don't know whether or not you are reincarnated? If you are, you would definitely know.

im certain I've done this or things similar before, i just don't remember details and why im doing it all over again.

I've re-read my previous thread for it sounds scientific with no life. So I'll proceed with nature as the equation it's was mother nature that I found who I'm to be with her equation I can sound more natural with life in it. Your subconscious mind should accept it because it food for thought.<br />
So let's begin and imagine a fisherman fly fishing using the figure 8 technique because the system clones natures fly skipping on water. The water you see is the reflection of our inner and outer universe. So your fishing and skipping and you caught the fish on ur 4th skip and you brought it back you. The moral of this short story it's not just the fish it's the figure 8 system your using which works naturaly and you were able to bring the bait back to you wether you catch the fish or not. With the fish being the symbolism you were able to catch life from another universe

don't try so hard..instead, let the information come to's there..but you need to be calm and at peace, to receive.

thanks, I will try not to try so hard :P
kidding, i wish it were that easy but peace comes and goes with me. I have peace usually but the times I am without it are that much worse because i know how good it feels

Black | White are perfectly balance just like the virtues(emotions) math nature all created in one big bang. The figure 8 is how you leave your legacy from the otherside re-incarnation is taking a piece from the source and nature creates an multiplies you. I don't believe full imbodiment re-incarnation but simple drivers that you may be interested in and passed your legacy if you start to pro-create. It's nature that we don't know who are and to be and how things are created for that would be cheating creation intelligent design

figure 8 is created in the begining which everything works: clock past future in perfect harmony it which beginining | past and end | present future which connects us from the otherside. With 8 there can't be 9 it's what's in the beginning is created first and accepted last. Like Black and White created in the beginning and we accepted here but if you ask a painter they do not exist in the color world. No 2 colors can create black or white

Very interesting, I am intrigued with your insight. I love Black and White because they are in opposite phase but do not cancel each other out and I know in our realm all colors make black but all colors also exist in white if it is light...

still trying to fit the 8 into my visualization, 8 is my favorite number btw

Thank you, I will think on this and reply again when I have absorbed it's meaning

re-incarnation is like a figure 8 starting and end is part of something you created in the beginining as if you can play the piano by ear and your child may pickup music that you once played and loved