Brief And Simple On Reincarnation; Try This With A Child.

Reincarnation mystifies because the person who reincarnates is in the subconscious. As human progress does not evolve anyone, so conscious is not a living self in the original meaning.

The evolving/reincarnating person is not evolved enough to resist the contrived authority of society, and when we can’t resist authority it eventually brings about the conscious (the contriver), which is the student or child of authority. Once there is the conscious the reincarnating intelligence, love, vanished into the state we call subconscious, where it can only be seen again if we take some powerful shaman-drug or tryptamine.

The subconscious would speak if we could speak the truth, but we can only laugh the truth, and we can’t be conscious of the truth we have laughed. So we have not given language to the reincarnating person, and if we hear laughter as we once did, so that we heard every living sound as well as we heard human ones, we may conclude there is no point to language.

The trouble authority has with the reincarnating person is that he perceives. To perpetuate progress one must be disdainful, selfish. Consider how simple this is: there is a flower, and perception sees the flower, and sees that the flower is love, so that perception loves the flower, joins it in the sacred alliance of evolution, nearing God forever, cherishing the bounty of higher encounters represented in the cosmos which will accelerate our evolution together as a biodiversity. Now, this is what the flower really is! It is Earth, and it is the cosmos, and it is God; there is nothing it is missing that really exists. That’s very inconvenient to authority. How do you exploit a sacred world?

So authority must begin to erase or delete detail from perception. Metaphorically, it might show you a picture of your best friend every day, and then it takes the picture away and erases some more of the detail. One day you say, "I don’t know if I love this friend.", and the job of authority is done. There is a conscious self instead of a living perception looking the world over. Once we have done this we can finally talk about Nuclear Waste Disposal and all that, as if progress were actually rational, and man were the point of evolution rather than a niche begging to be adhered to and evolved.



PikdFlowr PikdFlowr
61-65, M
Jan 4, 2012