Many times I am in a location that feels sort of wavy, yet familiar.  I have the sense that I have been there before, at a different time, in a differnet way.  It is almost like a time warp, Was I there before? Or, will I be there in the future.
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It's sort of like looking at a distant building through the fog, you can see it, but not quite.

I actually did a study on this suggest ...genetics are involved, just like you might say for example your eyes are exactly like one of your parents or grandparents inherited that genetic predisposition . It is almost certain that the same thing that is going on in our brain we have inherited a memory cell from a relative through our blood line . That relative was literally involved in that particular situation & you inherited that memory , vague as it when we say this is déjà vu<br />
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Try reading the novel Fluke by James Herbert. I'm sure you will enjoy it. A man wakes up one day reincarnated in the body of a dog, and he tries to get home to his family before his human memories fade away completely.