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Reincarnation makes sense. I have read a few books on it..especially like the ones about kids. They are the most innocent and some are so young, that I feel that they couldn't make some of the things up. Some kids who are young and have incredible talents..playing a musical instrument, singing, being really good at anything..I believe that they bring that over from the past life. Why would we get only once chance to get things "right?" We have to come back and learn what we need to learn. Some people ask why we don't remember more of our past lives. Well if we did, then we would miss that old life and want to go back to it..even if the people we had shared it with weren't there anymore or had gotten older. We wouldn't live in the present life and learn what we need to learn. This is a weird thing..and I still don't know why I said it, but when my second son was born in January 2002 and we were still in the hospital..I was holding him one night and he was staring me directly in the eyes and I told him "I remember you." It was really strange that I even said that.  I have also always had a strong desire to go to both Egypt and Ireland and believe that I may have lived in those places before.  Especially Egypt.
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They are true. Something science can not and will not ever explain. Do you know what your past lives are?

In addition to young children exhibiting amazing knowledge or remarkable talents, there are individuals who seem confused regarding their sexual identities. They include people who, later, undergo sex-change operations to try to make their bodies better match their sense of who they are. Could it be that a man who wishes he were a woman was indeed a woman, in a previous life? Is it possible that a woman who feels uncomfortable wearing women's clothes or filling feminine roles was indeed a man in a previous life? Such possibilities suggest that traces of memories from past lives sometimes persist, complicating identities in the present life.

"Both you and I have passed through many births; You know them not, I know them all."—Bhagavad Gita.

Reincarnation is real, we voluntarily return to this hell hole, tough boot camp called "Earth School" to progress and advance spiritually and to help others the best we can. Also to leave this earth a little bit better than what we found it. When I was 2 or 3 I had hazy memories of a past life. After Dec. 2012 the ability to recall past live will be a little easier.

We're going through a paradigm shift, a slow but gradual "spiritual awakening".
There's a lot of kids recalling past lives there's a website that's devoted to research into recalling past lives and reincarnation. And there's a lot of children that's doing it now.

When we're little children, we're very innocent so that spiritual aspect of ourselves is vastly expanded, because we had just left The Other Side (Heaven) where the veil of forgetfulness is lifted completely and we remember all of other lives.

Then we indoctrinated with all this fear down here "Heaven or Hell, you only live once and appointed once to die then judgement, over active imagination. etc."
It was because of Pope Constantine for removing the reincarnation aspect teachings of the bible so people wouldn't be too free and spiritual.

Hell is real but it's not permanent, only for a small group of "troubled souls" to get their share of reaping and sowing if they deliberately did cruel acts during their life times. After they consider themselves to be completely lost, their cry to God for help will get them out and on to the next after life realm, or they'll be reincarnated back to earth to make amends.

There's too many kids now recalling their past lives when they died in WW2, in the Twin Towers on 9/11 and the Titanic. Google "Reincarnated from 9/11" and "Reincarnated from Titanic"

There are some things that I just can't discredit, this life time was full of deja vu, familiar places and familiar strangers. Our physical minds can't grasp it, but our subconscious (soul minds) can.

God is unconditionally loving and infinitely merciful. It may take a while but there will ultimately be universal salvation, he's going to redeem ALL of mankind. (We're slowly working our way back to perfection) If people did research into near death experiences, where God shows people their past lives and be open-minded to past life regressive hypnosis. People would then stop these senseless wars, discrimination of race, creed, doctrine etc.[We've been all and everything] I'm glad that the veils is slowly lifting, [I just very recently was able to start recall events that happened to me when I was 18 months old that I had long forgot]

God's basic rules (Love God, do good, be kind, love thy neighbor as a brother or a sister and at the end of this life time, you'll return back to Him.) Our soul knows that with "everyone" the Kingdom of Heaven and Hell is within. I love reincarnation stories, it helps me feel more validated, and that this life is but only one chapter of many with many more to come if we desired. I have a penal that I met years ago (online) we exchanged photos and it was like magic or something we both sensed an "unexplained brotherly connection"

In closing if kid starts saying that they lived before please encourage them, ask them (while conveying a body language of enthusiasm and great interest) what was your name back then? What did you used to be? A doctor, farmer etc. You'll be amazed at how much they do know. :D

"We have the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors, because we are our ancestors" a quote from a reincarnation researcher.

I am fascinated by all of this!

I think your right, I never finished school actually never went to school (born in the South small town ADD and dislecia) I think thats how it's spelled?? (no spell check) but I know things that there is no way I should know. I operated on a friend in viet nem nothing major but I opened his arm removed a large cist and sewd him back up the infection went away and he was fine. The first time I went to Burbon Street I knew I had been there before and showed a few friend places off Royal st. that were right where I said they would be, I know alot about simple doctor stuff and think I could have been a doctor during the civic war for the south. Most folks think thats crazy I don't

I think that's awesome!! I would love to have "memories" like that!! Thank you for serving in Vietnam...I know it must have been pretty horrific.:(

I think that you live dozens of lives and learn a little from each one. One day you complete your learning and become perfect. The lives themselves are not what is important, its the lessons. Thats why some people are rich and some are poor, its not the life thats important its what you learn from it.

I have heard about young children recalling tidbits from their previous lives, it's neat. I too believe that those special talents are carried over from a previous life. I seen a TV program about it, I wish I'd seen it earlier so I could have ask my niece questions, see if she remembered. You should check out my post where I tell my reasoning for why we cannot remember, let me know what ya think :)