I Don't Know Why I Believe In Reincarnation.

I have always wondered about what happens to our soul after we die. Does it mix with the air and vanish? I don't think it can vanish or just be lost in some other world. It must come in this world again, to take a new birth. Once my aunt told me that it's not the soul that reincarnate but the consciousness of the person reincarnates. She told me that if we have deep feeling or uncompleted works to do when we die then those things combine to reincarnate. She said that it was like transferring light from one candle to other, and blowing up the light from one candle. I don't know if her explanation is true or not.... and I don't even know why I believe in reincarnation, but I do. 
From childhood I have been feeling very weird kind of stuffs. I felt Deja vu. I knew about so many things even if I hadn't even listened about them. I could guess names of peoples. I was very confident about them when I was a child but those things seem to perish nowadays. Maybe because I do not have confidence in them. 
I haven't figured out lots of things about my Deja vu and strange dreams. And the strange thing is that I only get these Deja Vu or glimpses of things when I am all alone. It never happens when I am with groups of people.

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Reincarnation mostly depends on your faith and your desire.<br />
In India specially in Hindus, people take rebirth in their family in most of the reincarnation cases, that's a very normal thing but then it again depends on your faith and your deep desire specially at the last moments of the life.<br />
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Suppose a person is dying and feels he has lot of things which he wanted to do for his family deep in his heart, he will definitely get reincarnated in his or her family.<br />
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I have seen many cases where their basic nature even sometimes faces are resembling to their earlier birth.

Yes I have also heard that people take rebirth in their family circle usually. I wonder why does it happen so.... What if the person does not have any deep desires when they die, do they reincarnate in such cases too?

They go to some divine judiciary system where they are told what good or bad have been done by them and what they have to do in their future birth to improve the mistakes or bad deeds they have committed.
Sometimes some souls have to wait for years / months / days, due to their unfulfilled desires or responsibilities, they wait and watch (souls who wander on earth and are known as ghost) while they can do hardly anything...after then when the soul desires to go and face the trial they are taken back and after the trial are send to earth in their new birth.
This is reincarnation.